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Interiors for seniors clients Meg & Bill smiling after a move





Missy Donaghy, owner ad operator of Interiors for Seniors with a happy customer named Bob

Missy with smiling Bob M.

Happy Customers - 
Meg & Bill S.

Nancy C, Interiorsfor Seniors client, thrilled with her new home.

Thrilled with her new home - Nancy C.

Stanley S, a client of Interiors for Seniors, loves his new surroundings
Thank you for your good services. Everyone was courteous and pleasant. ~Fay G.
Dear Missy- Thank you so much for your help and guidance over the past year in dealing with moving my parents (multiple times!) You are a very special person and I appreciate your calm understanding during very stressful times. Sincerely, Erin W.
Interiors for Seniors did an excellent job with my move. The entire staff was friendly and very efficient. Missy does an awesome job!I highly recommend Interiors for Seniors!! ~Edna B.
Interiors for Seniors did a very good job. The removed the furniture from the storage unit quickly and carefully and brought it all to the apartment. They then placed the furniture where I wanted it. They worked neatly and removed all of the trash. I was very pleased with their work.  ~ Charlotte M.
Pheobe, a client of Interiors for Seniors, comfortable and content after her move

Comfortable and content - Pheobe C.

Sue H, a client of Interiors for Seniors, was able to keep all her favorite things

Was able to keep all her favorite things - Sue H.

Meg S is very pleased with Missy Donagyservice at Interiors for Seniors

Missy with a very pleased Meg S.

Missy and her crew arrived on time, worked non-stop, were knowledgeable regarding their respective roles and showed happy attitudes. Their actual moving of the furniture and placing it in our new home was excellent. Picture hanging was amazing. All staff were friendly, respectful and careful.
~Phyllis M.
Interiors for Seniors was everything and more than Missy had promised. ~ James M
Very much appreciate you getting back to me and meeting with me on short notice! Very impressive- been in marketing 30+ years in tech and services business and appreciate folks who have their biz well organized like you. ~ Fred I.
Hi Missy,
Again, thanks so much for all you and the others did to make my mom's move so easy for her. She absolutely was blown away when she came back from lunch and saw how beautiful her new apartment looked. She could not believe how everything got done so quickly! I will fill out the comment card over the weekend and get back to you.
Everything looked completely in order, but there are a couple o9f fitted bed sheets and a pillow case that we could not find. The were in the blue mesh laundry bag that was put in her closet. There were alsp some trowels with the sheets but they seem to be in the chest in the bathroom. It's no big deal. but would you check with your girls?
Again, many, many thanks. I'll also get some Heathrow Women's Club info to you soon as well.
My best,
Ellen Y.

Loves his new surroundings -
Stanley S.

Jean P, Interiors for Seniors client, could not be happier with her move

Could not be happier -
Jean P.

Barbara S, Interiors for Seniors client says Missy Donaghy made the process so much easier

Missy made the process so much easier -
Barbara S.

"Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for all your help and support given the Arnold family these past three weeks. On the first day we met in your office, March 21st, Paul, Priscilla and I felt a very warm welcome. Every staff member that Paul has been in contact with from his initial move-in date, March 7th, displayed a very "caring attitude". This would include the Receptionist at the front desk that quickly located a roll-a-way bed to housekeeping that provided him with sheets, blanket, etc. Your Security Staff helped Paul move items from his car into his new apartment.
I told Missy Donaghy, Owner & Operator of Interiors for Seniors earlier that you two were "Angels" sent to help us during a most difficult time. Paul required a lot of help during this move, and you and your staff certainly exceed our own expectations. Missy seemed so excited to help Paul purchase and decorate his apartment. Missy sent us pictures of how the living room and bed room look. I know Paul is quite happy with all her efforts. Missy continues to help Paul complete the move.
Please convey our appreciation to all your staff for making Paul feel " right at home"! ~ Paul Arnold
"We want to commend Interiors for Seniors and Missy Donaghy's team of packers/movers and unpackers. Their handling of our belongings from the time they arrived to efficiently pack until the setting up at John Knox Village was excellent. Imagine at the end of the day not only a bed ready for occupancy, but the walls tastefully decorated with the items dearest to your heart! Their outstanding care and efficiency made the transition so much less traumatic.
We would highly recommend Interiors for Seniors not only for moving but for the other services they provide: personal shopping, estate sales and home staging.
One last kudo. These women understand what is necessary to maintain some semblance of normalcy as we moved into temporary quarters for ten days and then here. They knew, as experienced homemakers themselves, just what we would need to maintain our household for those days and exactly which box the items were in, unpacking only what was absolutely necessary. After talking to several neighbors who stopped by to welcome us, and were surprised by our already set up home, we are glad we lucked out and were assigned this company and Missy Donaghy's team." ~ Dan and Rita Lucey
"I want you to know, I really enjoyed working with you and your wonderful team. They are all delightful people. I never would have done this without your help. You have been a wonderful way for me to undertake a big change. Thanks for being so patient with me!"                 ~ Zada Hamilton
"Missy, I know you think I've forgotten your wonderful help in moving, but I waited around awhile to see if my appreciation lasted, and, really I like what you did just as much as I did the first day. You and your team took all my old furniture, pictures, and so on and transformed it with your artistic talent - and I'm so proud of it. My daughter loves your work as much as I do. I can't suggest any improvements - just keep doing it as you do." ~ Elizabeth Rice
"The ladies of Interiors for Seniors were highly organized and efficient. They were constantly in motion, full of helpful ideas and solutions. Such a pleasure to work with and accomplished the move in far less time than we thought possible. Definitely the firm to turn to!"                 ~ Gene Hess
"This is a great service initiated through Westminster Winter Park as part of the moving service for my mother-in-law, Kathleen Reich. The staff was wonderful - helpful, courteous, friendly, respectful. They packed and unpacked with care all of our belongings. They worked very hard on the day of the move and didn't leave until everything had a place. I highly recommend this service and these women."
 ~ Ruth Reich
"We had a hurricane to worry about, but you were able to pack up, load and unload all in one day before the hurricane hit. We were very impressed. You setup the next day and when I came in I was amazed and very pleased. Everything looked great!! Then the hurricane hit on Friday - lots of rain and wind, but not too bad. We are in now permanently and are adjusting to Oakmont. We're getting more organized everyday. The furniture has never looked anyway near as good." ~ Edmond Cook
"The overall experience was awesome! All the girls were friendly and so helpful. Our new home was put together like we had been living there for years. Thank you all." ~ The Slones
"The staff was very friendly and great. Everything we asked of them was done right. Great experience overall. Thanks so much." ~ Rita Stuart
"Interiors for Seniors was wonderful in assisting us with liquidating our fathers estate. My brother and I both live out of the area and the thought of trying to handle things from a distance was overwhelming. Interiors for Seniors assessed the estate and ran a very good Estate Sale. We were extremely pleased. Thank you so much!" ~ Pat Potter
"Working with Interiors for Seniors was indeed a pleasure. Everyone was hardworking, imaginative and pleasant. When my husband and I both arrived back at our apartment we were thrilled with how everything looked, and in place." ~ Mary Stull Weis
"Missy and her staff are professionals from start to finish! From the initial consultation, packing, unloading and placement of my belongings, I was pleased beyond belief. Photos were taken of my china cabinet and it looked the same at my new home. I was impressed by the level of detail the staff took to assure I was pleased with the outcome. I've never had a smoother transition to a new home.  I highly recommend Interiors for Seniors." ~ Evie Van Rons
"Amazingly quick and competent. Great at suggesting what to put and where. Our new home looked better than the best we had imagined- and its all due to them. Most important - really nice people and a pleasure to deal with." ~ Arnold R Levy
"Missy and her team took charge and made my move less stressful. We had to collect items from North Carolina as well as Orlando to make the move. Missy used Orlando movers and took care of the entire move. Tray and his staff were so pleasant to work with. There was no moving nightmare thanks to Missy's recommendations. You can trust her to do a great job for you. Thanks Missy." ~ Sarah Boutwell
"Friendly, courteous, professional. Apartment really looked great. Thanks for everything. Everyone knew their job well."
 ~ Carolyn Holland
"I recently moved to Orlando from New Jersey. Missy and her team unpacked me- I don't know what I would have done without them! They were welcoming, cheerful and efficient. I highly recommend them for your move."~ Madeline Wiley
"Missy was extremely professional and kind to my 92 year old mother. She was so nice that it made the move into assisted living for my mother a much easier transaction. The way she set up my mothers new apartment made it feel very homey and warm, My mom loved the arrangement of pictures and family items. Missy and her team did a great job!" ~ Marie Weidad
"Missy packed and moved us on July 5th and 6th.  She is very familiar with the apartments in Winter Park Towers and knows just what will fit and where. She has a great crew and everyone does everything to please the client.  We were so happy to be moved in, unpacked, bed made and pictures hung, all in one day.  We highly recommend Missy with Interiors for Seniors for a move easier and better than you can imagine." ~ Betty & Darryl Williams
"Thank you for all the wonderful help in getting my folks settled into their new home.  You and your team did a fantastic job and everyone was so caring!  We really appreciated everything!" ~ Susan DuBose
"The move process can be quite overwhelming as you are aware. Especially (for us), with selling two homes, retiring, moving out of state, getting on medicare and insurance changes and settling into smaller living space.  But.... wanted to let you know how very much I appreciated the wonderful job you and your staff did for us during our entire move process.  Your follow-up (follow through) were amazing.  It is so terrific to do business with people who pay such close attention to detail and customer service and satisfaction. Your team (and you) were amazing.  Please share with them how great I felt that we were treated and served so well.  We did not have one broken or misplaced item.  It was amazing!" ~ Glenda L.
“Missy and her whole crew were wonderful to work with- very professional, very thorough, and very friendly. We certainly can and do recommend them” ~ Frank Johnson
“I hate to let you go, I may be calling you again” ~ Rosemary Ogram
“Missy, you and your staff who just as my friends in Westiminster who has used your service said you were excellent and I completely agree”  
 ~ Dorothy B.
“I was absolutely amazed with you and your people, their efficiency astonished us. We shall be forever grateful to them….How can you improve on perfection?” 
“Interiors For Seniors completed their work on a timely and competent basis. The end result was extremely satisfactory. I recommended Missy and her crew to anyone. It was a pleasure doing business with her”  
 ~ Richard Petterson
“ Thanks to you for all you have done and how you made us feel about our moving. We hope you to have made a life long friend. Thanks to you and your team.” ~ Pat B.
“I love it when a good team comes together and you guys win the gold metal. It took us 50 years to completely furnish, your team packed us up and moved us in 6 years. Wow! Thanks to Kisler, Melissa, Jennifer and Cathy it was a fun experience. You make a terrific team Missy, you are a professional leader.  Keep on keeping on.” ~ Ken & Jeri Smith
‘Neil and I are enjoying living here. Most things are still as you all arranged them. Thank you for everything. You made moving so easy. We have recommended you and Interiors For Seniors to a lot of people.” ~ Neil & Marilyn
“Exceptional service, no problems, great working group, responsible and polite. Would highly recommend.” ~ James      
“Missy is quite thorough attentive and a pleasure to work with. She is certainly experienced and I never seen a group so well organized- the move was without a hitch” ~ Thomas Cook
"You and your crew are the very best. I'm very happy here and I owe 90% of it to you. Thank you so very much.”  ~ Betty E.
“You were very prompt, professional, careful, pleasant and a pleasure to have in my apartment. Thank you, I will be happy to let my friends know how pleased I was"  ~ Jean C.
“Moving is a very difficult experience for a senior, both physically and emotionally. Missy handled all aspects with skill and understanding. I couldn’t have done it without you”  ~ Jean P.
“You packed, unpacked, hung pictures and worked way past dark. Could not have made the move without you.” ~ Claudia P.
“Thanks so much.  Wasn’t looking forward to moving for the first time in over 25 years. You took away the stress!” ~ Ann K.
“Missy and her team did a great job. My belongings were handled with care and put everything in place. Missy has a good eye for attentive placement.”  ~ Sandra B.
“It was so comforting to walk into my new Westminster home with my things so beautifully arranged. My clothes hanging in the closet and with things in drawers and on shelves and my framed art- prints paintings, and photos perfectly places. She- that is-  Missy is the right person in the right job- she loves it." ~ Nancy C. 
“I am so grateful to you Missy. Your responsiveness to my call on Wednesday (with an immediate need to get my father moved) was truly amazing. I had the opportunity to visit my dad in his new place last night and was totally pleased with the organization of his new apartment. You even hung pictures I had not had a chance to hang yet. So… thanks for your efficiency, professionalism and expedited service.”  ~ Randi Y.
“Service was excellent!!!! Keep it up. You have exceeded all our expectations” ~ Katie A.
"We were very pleased with your service and would recommend you anytime. Thank you.”  ~ Marine S.
“Missy makes moving a pleasant experience when she is finished, it is as if you’re made a reservation into a luxury hotel- everything is in place and welcoming you to your new home. It is well worth it." ~Dorothy P.
‘I'm very happy here. Thank you." ~ Elizabeth S.
“It was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. I was told to come back to my apartment at 5pm and when I did it was like a miracle. Everything was in place in grate taste. I didn’t change a thing.” ~ Babe L.
"I want to thank you so much for all of your help with our moves. Your team was the only reason it all happened so smoothly as it did. Although we are not seniors yet, you vision and organization skills most certainly have helped us do gain a few years of independence living before doing to the last home!”  ~ Taylor & Frank
“Missy and her crew were so wonderful and thoughtful for me. Helped make the move much easier for me. efficient and always on time and going above and beyond what was expected. I would be more than happy to recommend their services to my friends."  ~ Lee W.
“Everything went very well. All the girls were courteous, caring and enthusiastic! I don’t believe I would have been able to make the move if Missy and her staff hadn’t assisted me. I’d be very happy to speak to anyone who wanted her services.” ~ Rosemary L.
"I was at a loss as to how to even begin to downsize after 30 years in the same house. WP Towers recommended Missy’s services. She took over and everything went perfectly. When I got in a panic over timing or whatever she returned my phone calls promptly and answered my questions. It never looked so good! When I was ready to move to the Towers, she and her crew packed up what I was taking, oversaw the moving people and unpacked, put away and stored my things. The room was ready to move into when I got there and it looked wonderful."  ~ Margaret B.
"Missy and her entire crew at Interiors for Seniors does outstanding work. They were phenomenal moving my in-laws and creating beautiful, functional living space for them in their new home. Moving is a stressful time and Missy helps make the transition easier." ~ Alan S.
"I could not imagine our move into the Villas at Waterbridge without you. Thank you for all of your efforts and the love." ~ Steve L.
"I want to thank you for all you did for me (and my family) in the moving process. You did much more than anyone could expect and appeared like you had fun doing it!!" ~ Carolyn H.
"Choosing to move from my home for the past 25 years was a difficult decision, so I am so grateful you were there to support me throughout the whole procedure.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Your suggestions, your guidance, your efficient handling of even the smallest detail certainly relieved me of a great deal of stress. What a blessing it was to be able to leave my old home, go to lunch, and later that day walk into my new apartment to find it in perfect order -- even the pictures were on the walls.  You really went above and beyond the call of duty and you did it with such grace and understanding. Thank you."  ­
 ~ Jean P.
“You packed, unpacked, hung pictures and movers worked after dark. Could not have made the move without you.” ~ Claudine Penn
“Missy makes moving a pleasant experience. When she is finished, it is as if you’ve made a reservation at a luxury hotel—everything in place and welcoming you to your new home. It is well worth it.”              ~Dorothy Pempey
“Missy is quite thorough, attentive, and pleasant to work with. She is certainly experienced in helping to place the furniture. I have never seen a garage so well organized—the move was without a hitch!”
 ~ Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cook
“Missy was very prompt, professional, careful, pleasant and a pleasure to have in my apartment. Thanks to her, I will be happy to let my friends know how pleased I was.” ~ Jean Chamberlin
“Moving is a very difficult experience for a senior, both physically and emotionally. Missy handled all aspects with skill and understanding. I couldn’t have done it without her.” ~ Jean Polk
“It was so comforting to walk into my new Westminster home with my things so beautifully arranged, my clothes hanging in the closet, and other things in drawers and on shelves. And my frame art—prints paintings and photos perfectly placed. She—that is—Missy is the right person in the right job—and she loves it! Improvement: how can you improve on perfect?” ~ Nancy Callis
“I am so grateful to you Missy. Your responsiveness to my call on Wednesday (with an immediate need to get my father moved) was truly amazing. I had the opportunity to visit my Dad in his new place last night and was totally pleased with the organization of his new apartment. You even hung pictures I had not had a chance to hang up. So… thanks for your efficiency, professionalism and expedited service.”   ~ Randi L. Yoffee
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