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Interiors for Seniors is a specialized moving company working exclusively with seniors helping adapt their living space as they downsize to more manageable spaces in their later years.  Interiors for Seniors recognizes making such a move can be a complicated and stressful time. 


Interiors for Seniors works with you and your family to arrange the move so you are confident throughout the process and your belongings and your concerns are properly handled.​​​​​​​​​​


Perhaps it’s time to move or downsize, or maybe you are settling an estate. What do you do about all those possessions? Establishing the best way to sell your antiques and furniture depends on having a clear idea of value. An independent, impartial, expert opinion is essential for a fair sale and just as important for peace of mind. 


Interiors for Seniors Estates Sales offers quality of service to give you complete confidence that all details will be handle professionally, efficiently and for maximum profit.

Call for a FREE consultation. Interiors for Seniors specializes in seniors who are navigating the complexities of downsizing. Detailing the exact process will put your mind at ease during the move. We guide you through a three step process to fully evaluate your current residence, organize the move and then unpack your belongings so you are comfortable in your new home.

Our space management and decorating expertise enable us to maximize your living space with your treasures to create a warm and inviting new home for you.


Missy Donaghy, Owner/Operator