You want to fit all of THAT in your new space?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Quite often when Interiors for Seniors does a move, it is like a Tetris video game. Trying to fit 2500 sq. feet of items into a 450 sq. foot space can be tricky. No matter how much a client has downsized, there’s still too much stuff!! So, the paring down of belongings begins. Missy Donaghy, Senior Move Manager extraordinaire, is an expert at helping homeowners determine what exactly they can fit into their homes and what needs to be left behind. Recently there was a relocation, and the client really wanted to keep all of her things. So, we obliged and brought it all to the new location. The hallway outside of the new apartment was filled with items that simply would not fit.

missy making silly eyes

Try as she might there was just no way for Missy to configure the layout to fit everything in. Her eyes were crossing from attempting this feat. Had everything been placed in the space there would have literally been no way to even maneuver through it. Once the client saw the dilemma she began to evaluate what she truly wanted to keep. The elimination process began. With gentle patience, Missy arranged and rearranged the area until it was to the comfort and liking of this sweet lady. At the end, compromises were made and items that would not fit were relocated to an adult child.

The mantra “use it, love it or lose it” can be very helpful. One must ignore sentimentality at times when it comes to the overflow of belongings. This is when having an impartial Senior Move Manager is so essential. Without the tug of heartstrings, it is easier to look honestly at what is useful and what is going to sit untouched for another decade. At the end of the move, the clients new space looked lovely and comfy. Our new friend was happy and content. The view from her nicely appointed porch is spectacular and calming. Another successful move!!!

Missy talking to a resident she just moved


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