You MUST move these yourself.

Interiors for Seniors is a full service moving company. This means Missy Donaghy and her team handle every aspect of the move- planning to packing, selectively downsizing furniture plans, moving, unpacking, making your bed and making sure your cable is on! Missy even handles new furniture and fixture shopping to estate sales. However, there are some items that Interiors for Seniors cannot move. These items include cash, bonds, stocks, Certificates of Deposit, coins, stamps, gold and jewelry and prescription medications. Missy will discuss this with you during the consultation phase of the relocation move. This is standard among most moving companies.

Most moving companies have guidelines around moving expensive or delicate items. This is primarily for safety, from a perspective of value or because the items are quite dangerous and too risky for our company to take on. Valuables, such as cash, important documents, jewelry and stock certificates have no place in a moving van. Prescription medications MUST be transported by the client or the clients representative. These items will need be moved separately by you, the client and should not be in the residence before the move. These valuable items will be placed in the residence by the resident after the move.

To learn more about what things Interiors for Seniors won’t take and what they will take, contact Missy Donaghy for a free quote. She has more than 10 years experience in helping people move!


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