Right away, I can hear people saying, “What? Ten people! I don’t know that many people who changed my life.” However, if we take a closer look, you may find that you do have ten people who you can add to that list.


First off, we can broaden the parameters to extend to people living or dead. Of course, that can mean your relatives and friends. But it can also mean a person in antiquity, who did something great to influence you. That particular act or actions by that person may have reached through the portals of time into your life today. Many persons who changed your life are probably unavailable to you today. You most likely don’t even have a contact address or phone number for them. Or they may have changed their name (as is common when a woman marries).

How Do I Choose the People to Write To?

So now that we have the wheels of your mind turning, lets add some color to your list by narrowing that person’s influence to the particular deed that person did which stood out most to you. Perhaps it was someone who wrote a book or a song, or painted a picture. Maybe it was the person who put you on your path to your career choice. Along that line, there may have also been someone who influenced your choice of skills and hobbies.

Perhaps you read a news article about someone’s situation in life whereby they overcame a great obstacle which, in turn, led them to attain a great aspiration. This person’s achievement inspired not only your intellect, but your emotions as well, leading you towards the development of empathy and understanding. All admirable qualities to have under your belt, by the way.

Other topics to consider when choosing a person to write to are:

  • Education

  • Open-mindedness

  • Creativity

  • The knowledge that I could change myself

  • How to accept change

A Special Word About Mentors:

Mentors are those persons who are an experienced and trusted advisor. Again, this person whom you consider a mentor can be from the past. An author of a book that influenced you and gave you good instruction in life can fit this description.

Do I Really Have to Send These Letters?

I can hear the question echo through the airwaves: “Yikes, do I really have to send the letter to real people?” No. You do not. Of course, you don’t. For instance, many people have a relative or friend who influenced them and now they have passed on. How could they send a letter to them? You can’t and neither do you have to send a letter to those who are living. Only if you would like to, of course. This letter writing is more cathartic for you. It will put you in touch with your inner self.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. “ Rumi

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