The fact is, you will should consider whether you will need a parking permit for such things as your moving truck as well as storage pods and portable waste receptacles prior to the moving date you have selected. When moving, you certainly want to start out on a good note with your neighbors. Not only so, but you don’t want to leave your last place of residence with a negative opinion of you. Your past always has a way of coming back to haunt you, so here’s how you can be legally correct and compatible with your neighbors, too.

If you are parking your moving truck anywhere but a private drive, you mostly likely do need a parking permit for all moving equipment (trucks, pods and receptacles). Keep in mind that you will most likely need at least two open parking spaces for a moving truck, etc.

A parking permit allows you to park your moving vehicle in otherwise restricted parking areas for a limited timeframe without the fear of getting cited for a parking violation, or worse, getting towed in the midst of your move. Once you are “permitted,” a sign will be placed to prove your parking space is registered and ensure a reserved space for your moving equipment.

The spaces which generally require a permit would be when be when parking on the street (not a private driveway), when a private drive crosses a public walkway, apartment complexes, or even within a Home Owner’s protected residential area. This will vary from city to city, so you need to check your local ordinances for your city and/or county.

In Orlando, try contacting the Orange County Zoning Division at (407) 836-3111).

Also, here is a link to their website: [http://www.orangecountyfl.net/PermitsLicenses/Permits/Boat,RecreationVehicleandorTemporaryPortable.aspx#.YMiwX6hKg2x]

There you should fill out the application for [Recreational Vehicle, Boat Parking or TPSC (Temporary Portable Storage Container) (PDF)]. Prior to application, measure your area you will need and the estimated time you will need for the permit(s). This should be done well in advance, since most permits must be posted prior to the day of your move so that those surrounding your moving space will be able to temporarily adjust their own parking space.

It is also beneficial to apply well in advance so that if there is a problem with the permit, you can make an adjustment to your move prior to the actual date. Better safe than sorry works here. Fees for a permit runs, on an average, at approximately $36 in Orange County, though rates are generally determined by the amount of space and time needed.

Also, you will need a proof of residency (rental/lease agreement, electric/utility bills) and an official ID (either driver’s license of State I) in order to complete your permit application.

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