To write to you about the reasons our customers love Interiors for Seniors, I referred to the numerous testimonials posted on the Interior for Seniors website: [https://www.interiorsforseniors.com/testimonials]. There you will find candid opinions of previous customers, some of whom have been repeat customers.


After a careful review of these testimonials, I found a common thread of characteristics that adequately describes the kind of service offered by Interiors for Seniors. I believe these characteristics are why our customers love us.


Among the testimonies given by previous customers, the one most common collective characteristic reported was that Interiors for Seniors has a caring attitude. To amplify what I mean by this, consider the following list of compliments posted by customer, Erin W. which clearly defines a caring attitude:

Thank you so much for your help and guidance over the past year in dealing with moving my parents (multiple times!) You are a very special person and I appreciate your calm understanding during very stressful times. Sincerely, Erin W.


Missy Donaghy, owner of Interiors for Seniors, is loved by both her employees and her clients. Perhaps the most outstanding thing about Missy can be summed up in the fact that her clients as well as her team of employees view her as a person who keeps her word. Previous customer, James M. summoned this up by simply saying this:

Interiors for Seniors was everything and more than Missy had promised. ~ James M

Others have complimented Missy by adding the following qualities to their reviews that more than underscores her abilities as company owner and operator:

  • Great Leadership abilities:

“I love it when a good team comes together…You make a terrific team Missy, you are a professional leader.  Keep on keeping on.” ~ Ken & Jeri Smith

  • Highly recommend

“…The end result was extremely satisfactory. I recommended Missy and her crew to anyone. It was a pleasure doing business with her”  

 ~ Richard Petterson


No one wants to hire a company to move their precious belongings, if they are not a quality company. Interiors for Seniors prides itself on being a top-quality and efficient senior moving business with a highly capable team of movers. Her employees are hand-picked for their ability to offer the same quality and efficiency that customers have grown to love in owner, Missy Donaghy; and it shows in their customers’ reviews:

“Interiors for Seniors did an excellent job with my move. The entire staff was friendly and very efficient. Missy does an awesome job!I highly recommend Interiors for Seniors!! “~Edna B.

"This is a great service initiated through Westminster Winter Park as part of the moving service for my mother-in-law, Kathleen Reich. The staff was wonderful - helpful, courteous, friendly, respectful. They packed and unpacked with care all of our belongings. They worked very hard on the day of the move and didn't leave until everything had a place. I highly recommend this service and these women."
 ~ Ruth Reich

Call Missy Donaghy with Interiors for Seniors for a FREE consultation 321-279-3301.

Interiors for Seniors is proud to have been chosen as one of the top 100 moving blogs on the Internet.


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