Why Meditation is Good For Seniors

Take a deep breath and meditate

From everything I have read about meditation, the jury is in on this: to meditate one must sit or lie comfortably and close one’s eyes. Allow your breathing to be natural and focus on the object of your meditation.

Life is available only in the present moment.

I find it best to focus on bringing your mind to the present, leaving concerns of the past or future. Kick that anxiety to the curb! A wise person once said “Don’t rehearse tragedies. Don’t borrow trouble.”

Fall in love with taking care of yourself, body, mind and spirit.

Meditation is helpful in acquiring positive emotions which have been linked to better health, longer life and general well-being. Some examples of health benefits are:

  • It helps your digestive system work more optimally: Deep breathing exercises help improve circulation and blood oxygen enrichment. This sends an additional boost to the organs, especially the stomach and intestines. Meditation often provides senior citizens with digestive problems immediate relief.

  • Meditation’s extra oxygen boost helps the immune system, heals the lungs, and improves circulation.

Lastly, free of anxiety, one can begin to express a positive attitude to others, if only through a smile. Smiles can go a long way for you and the other person. A smile is a simple way to express acceptance and give the other person confidence. Remember, smiles are contagious. Plus, it only takes twelve muscles to smile and 113 muscles to frown.



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