Though Fall officially started on September 22nd this year, it wasn’t until today (one week later) that those in Florida began to realize it. Why you ask? Because today, the temperature finally dropped to a low of 65 degrees. Now you know that is a queue for Floridians to start bringing out their boots and sweaters. Yes, this slight drop in the temperature makes Fall official for us. (LOL).


We may not have all of the beautiful array of colors seen on the leaves by our northern neighbors, but we do have some observable changes in Florida. Take for instance, the maple tree whose leaves will change in color from green to hues of red, orange or yellow before shedding its foliage for the winter. Crape myrtle trees will likewise change its colors before dropping its leaves.


If you are interested in gardening, you may appreciate that it is now time to plant some beautiful annuals and other plants.

The following list of annual flowers that can be planted in the fall are a good way to add color and beauty to any home’s landscape:

  • Geraniums

  • Impatiens

  • Pansies

  • Petunias

  • Snapdragons

Florida strawberry growers are beginning to plant their fields and it’s a perfect time to plant cool-weather crops such as broccoli, lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, collards, tomatoes and cabbage. You can try some of those vegetables in your own personal garden as well.

Be sure to compensate for any dry periods throughout the season by watering your plants on a regular basis. It is now a good time to put a fresh layer of mulch around your outdoor plants in order to retain ground moisture as well as to cut back on the amount weeds.


Fall brings on the advent of the holiday season. This is especially true this year (2020) when we have all been cooped up from the Pandemic. People are anxious to get out and experience the cooler weather. The exuberance of the season is reflected not only in the aforementioned change in attire, but also in decorations, both commercially as well as in one’s home.

As I drive around down, I have observed that many are decorating their homes for fall and/or the up-and-coming Halloween season early. Some have taken to bringing out their Christmas trees and decorating them for the fall holiday ahead of their regular Christmas decorations.

Bright lights and outdoor decorations are a common and welcome sight for many this year, especially for those with children as well as the for the elderly who seldom do more than ride around with their family in a car. Driving about, looking at the holiday flair coming from our homes is like a main event to many and will most assuredly bring many smiles to both the young and the old.

The American poet, William Cullen Bryant once penned:

Autumn – the year’s last and loveliest smile.

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