In trying to understand the cost your moving service will be charging you, know that one

of the first things the service will want to do is to provide you with an estimate of the total move.

boxes stacked up to move

There are several reasons for this. One thing is the moving company needs to know how much man-power to provide in order to move your belongings in a timely manner. Another is the service needs to know if they need any special equipment to move your belongings. A third factor is how much time it will take to actually complete the move.

However, the bottom line is there are many factors that affect your moving cost.

Therefore, it is important for the moving company to be able to plan ahead as much as possible to accurately and safely move all of your belongings.


The weight and amount of your belongings

  • Heavier furniture such as antiques, roll-top desks or recliners will require more

  • manpower and time, adding to the cost of your move.

  • Perhaps you have a plethora of furniture that you need to not only be moved to your new location, but any excess to then be placed in a storage unit. The additional cost of moving your items to both places will increase your moving cost.

  • How difficult it will be to navigate your belongings

Some items, such as a sectional sofa can be difficult to get in and out of doors. At times,

doors need to be taken off their hinges then re-hung in order to move an awkward item.

Other things that enter into this arena are flights of stairs, or uneven terrain that must be

traversed in order to complete your move.

Specialty items that will need extra skills to move:

According to Homeadvisor.com: items such as a piano require that movers have both

“team lifting and problem-solving skills [since] these instruments have their weight

distributed irregularly.” (Please refer to our blog, “How to Move a Piano” posted

November 22, 2019 for a better understanding of this item) For reasons such as this, it is

important that your mover know ahead of time about specialty items in order to properly

plan for the move.

What equipment will be needed for your move

Not all moves are the same. As a moving company, Interiors for Seniors is able to

determine what equipment is need for your move. Sliders are necessary for heavy equipment.

Also there are various types of sliders. Choosing the proper slider will depend on the type of

floor you have, whether it be carpet, tile or hardwood.

Furniture straps and dollies will be needed for large furniture items or boxes. Also, you

will need to know how many moving blankets will be needed in order to prevent damage to your furniture.

As you can see, the need for an accurate estimate of your move will help in not only

getting you moved in a timely manner, but also give both the moving company and you an idea of the cost involved in the move.

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