Humans are a forgetful lot. We have all good intentions of remembering something, yet at times we fall short. Some of us have better memories than others. However, even those with a good memory will tell you that a good and solid to-do list when approaching any extensive task is a good idea. This is so with moving. So yes, a checklist is definitely in order for a relocation project.

Why do you need a checklist?

A checklist will keep you on track as far as your appointed timeline as well as for tasks necessary to accomplish throughout the moving process. Think of a checklist as a sort of map of your moving journey. You wouldn’t embark on a trip without consulting your GPS or other mapping devices (do they even still have paper maps? LOL).

Another plus in keeping a moving checklist is that it will help to ward off stress. With a checklist, you no longer have to wonder if you accomplished a certain task. You have the information at your fingertips.

How to create a checklist

A nice dedicated journal such as a composition notebook or even a spiral notebook will work wonderfully for this. Though if you like, a pretty journal with a logo can also be nice. Sometimes journals will have pocket pages provided which is a good idea for keeping business cards and small pieces of paper you collect throughout your moving journey.

Additionally, you can purchase a small three-ring binder and a pack of sheet protectors. These sheet protectors will act like a sleeves for your documents that may go along with your move, such as moving contracts, lease or rental agreements, mortgage papers, etc. For this type of notebook, you will want to purchase a pack of notebook paper for your plan entries.

When to Start a Moving Checklist

A good rule of thumb is to start your moving process at least six weeks out from the actual date you will be moving. This would divide your moving checklist into six sections:

  • Week six: The first plan entry should be to secure a moving date from the moving company of your choice.

  • Week five: Downsize your belongings. Make plans to organize for this and to section off time to accomplish this on your calendar. Locate places to donate or else to sell your unwanted items. Locate the proper way to dispose of any of the remaining unwanted items whether they be to recycle or else to be environmentally responsible. This is also a good time to purchase your moving boxes and other packing materials.

  • Week four: prepare to list of agencies and companies that need to be notified of your move, whether it be the post office, your bank or your utilities. This is also a good time to organize for the transfer of utilities. Gather phone numbers, etc. for this purpose and log them into your checklist.

  • Week three: By now you should have already decided on a moving company. Now that you have your belongings down to a manageable size, you have a better idea of how big a truck you will need to move them. You can now start to pack. Though if you have hired a moving company that offers this service, you are already ahead of the game. Get a good understanding of what can and cannot be moved by a moving company. Make a list of these items. This would include items that are allowable, but are not a good idea to transport on a truck, such as frozen or cold food, personal jewelry and other personal items. It will also include those things that are forbidden such as gasoline cans, fertilizers, and such. If in doubt, consult with your moving company or simply query the internet for this information.

  • Week one: Cleaning is definitely on the agenda for this last week. You will need to slate out time for both your old place of residence as well as you new location. Make a list of the necessary chores as well as the cleaning products that will need to be purchased.

  • Day of the move: be sure to set up a checklist for the day of the move. Include a list of the items that will be transported by yourself. Have list of how to contact all parties involved in your move on hand. Mostly, get a good night’s rest the night before your move. You will be glad you did.

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