You may think, with all the modern day mechanical and technology advances, that moving from one location to the next is a modern-day phenomenon. Wrong! Since time immemorial, people have been packing up their belongings and moving about. How did they ever do this? I’m sure it was sheer will power, coupled with a bit of necessity.

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Of course, I do think a modern-day malady is the sheer amount of “stuff” we each own. This would have made moving long ago a bit less complicated, since all early man had to do was pack a few sheep skins, clay bottles and the kids.

Back in the day, the advent of the covered wagon was a step in the right direction when it came to transporting one’s life-long collection across the unknown vastness of the Wild West. The key word here, of course, is ‘covered.’ The second key word is ‘wagon;’ an easy means of rotating one’s self along the road with four wheels. This vehicle was also utilized to transport the entire family with all animals needed for husbandry included.

The collection of belongings in our contemporary society eventually necessitated a different approach to the moving process. The first industry to take hold of this idea was the railroad. Especially for long-distance travel. More especially if that travel was through unfriendly territory, such as (again) the Wild West.

Companies sprung up that would take one’s belongings from one place to another (mostly locally). Also, at this time, transportation was needed to carry an industry’s products from their warehouse to the railway station in order to transport it to various stores throughout the country.

After the motor vehicles were invented in the mid-1920s, together with the highway infrastructure, the moving industry had its ‘in.’ A sprinkling of local movers popped up around various cities and was a welcome service to many, including both individuals and companies wishing to transport their goods throughout the cities (or from city-to-city for that matter). These moving companies were loosely governed and had no guarantees of service.

Allied Van Lines, noted as the first moving company in the United States, was formed in 1929 as a network of companies throughout the country.

Subsequently, President Roosevelt saw the need for government regulation of this practice and instituted the Motor Carrier Act of 1935. This act stabilized prices among competitors as well as protected those same companies from the railroad industry who was swiftly being replaced by the motor vehicle.

After a serious and long history of deregulation of the trucking industry and major competitive battles, we have arrived at the present where professional moving companies have emerged in almost every corner of the country. Census statistics have indicated over 40 million households move per year. Thus, the moving industry is here to stay, at least as far as we can see.

With all the moving companies to choose from, Interiors for Seniors is one that has a unique specialty. That of helping to relocate the senior members of our society. Owner Missy Donaghy has successfully relocated many to their new home. Here is one testimonial that describes how Interiors for Seniors strives to please:

Hi Missy,

Again, thanks so much for all you and the others did to make my mom's move so easy for her. She absolutely was blown away when she came back from lunch and saw how beautiful her new apartment looked. She could not believe how everything got done so quickly! I will fill out the comment card over the weekend and get back to you…

My best,

Ellen Y.

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