Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Relocation delays are something that can happen to anyone. Try as you might, there can

be delays in your move that are out of your control. At Interiors for Seniors, we have seen many scenarios that are completely out of anyone's hands.


The number one reason that delays a move seems to be the weather. Watching the

weather forecast is helpful in circumventing this issue. Here in Florida, we don’t have snow

days, but we certain can expect some times when it rains for days. However, this does not mean that you can always predict Mother Nature changing the weather at will. Therefore, we still remain at her mercy. Try to keep an eye on the forecast as much as possible, but also be aware of the seasons when you know it will be bad weather.

One of the biggest fears people have in our area is a hurricane. If you are caught in such as situation, it is understandable that there will be delays. Trust that your moving company is also aware of this and that they will work with you to postpone your move until the storm has past. Hopefully, there will be no major issues in the aftermath of the storm. However, there could be electrical outages or even road closures when this occurs. Two years ago when Hurricane Irma was approaching, we worked through through an impending hurricane to finish up a move and get our client safely settled in their home.


Another common delay is mechanical issues. Even if you try to keep your vehicle in top

condition, you can still have the unforeseeable nail in the road or pothole that can cause a flat tire or else a fender bender, even if it is not your fault.


At times, it takes much longer to pack or unpack than expected. There are those

unexpected closets that have more items than you originally thought; or a garage corner that has hidden and excessive belongings. One way to circumvent this delay is to be certain that you have taken an inventory of your belongings. Also that after you take that inventory you do the all important downsizing that we speak of so frequently. Please refer to previous blogs such as: "Sorting Through Your Bathroom Items Before A Move” or “The Great Bric-A- Brac Purge” to get rid of things that you no longer want or need.


We all know we have to clean after we have moved our belongings out of the house, but

darn, that can take so much more time that we count on. Having a cleaning plan in place for your previous dwelling can help in avoiding this delay.


We have previously discussed unexpected mechanical delays and perhaps a flat tire or an

accident (God forbid). But there is also the factor of traffic. While we can try our best to stay on schedule, we cannot control traffic issues. This is right up there with trying to control the weather. This issue with traffic problems can be compounded if you are trying to move on a

holiday weekend.


A person’s health is of utmost importance. If you suddenly find that you cannot move on

an appointed date due a health then by all means, you should call your mover immediately and explain your situation. It may be that we can still move you without interfering with your health.

Remember, if you have any concerns in this area, it is best to communicate this fact to your

moving company as soon as possible.

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