While thinking ahead to your actual moving day, I am sure the question of what to do while the movers are moving your belongings has run through your mind. This decision includes both while they are moving your belongings out as well as into your new location.


I am going to suggest that whatever your decision, it should include being ready for the movers at the appointed time. This means you should be up, dressed and your essential bags packed. Make sure you have eaten a good breakfast and that all the kitchen items are ready to be packed and moved. Note that if you are unable to be present, you should have someone responsible there in your place. Prior to the mover’s arrival, have all items you will be transporting packed in your vehicle and away from those things that will be placed in the moving truck. This may include your essentials bag, your personal hand bag, your pet’s items, your medications and any valuables such as documents or jewelry.

Once your movers arrive, it probably won’t be necessary to give them instruction, since one of the great things about hiring Interiors for Seniors is that through the pre-moving conference, it was noted what your particulars were. Through the information gathered at that conference, the movers have a pretty good idea of what you want by the time they arrive at your door. However, there is a need for you to be available should they have questions or should any unforeseen matters come up.

If you choose, it is nice to have some cold water bottles on hand to offer to the workers throughout their move. Offering coffee, tea or some such refreshment is also appropriate. Another good idea is to make sure there are enough soap, paper towels and toilet paper in your bathroom for the movers to use. Adjusting the temperature in your home to the day’s weather is a considerate idea as well.

Have rugs or old rags thrown down at entrance/exit doors [especially if there is rain in the forecast] to help keep dirt/water from being tracked into the house. Of course, keep all small children and pets away from the moving area. Children should be watched or else taken to another location during the moving. If you are unable to cage your pet, keep them in a separate room until it is time to transport them. Preferably, you should transport your pet to your new location prior to the actual move.

Once the movers have cleared a particular room, go behind them and do your last touch cleaning. Put aside a cleaning pail together with a broom, a mop, cleaning solutions and cleaning rags for this purpose.

I heard a good saying for moving:

Stay out of the way but don’t disappear!

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