We don't mess around

Updated: May 9, 2019

When Interiors for Seniors does a move, we can sometimes have over 100 boxes, piles of paper, wads of plastic and a lot of garbage. This can make quite a mess. Missy, owner/operator, insists that her movers and packers keep it neat. We don't mess around!

organized mess
Example of a very large move, this is how we organize the mess

Messy move
This is how messy a move can be

Missy encourages all of the employees to clean as we go. Our packers break down the boxes into neat piles, leaving one large box to roll up and recycle the paper used to wrap items. There are always garbage bags for waste. Any items the client finds that are broken or not usable are disposed of quickly, upon their advisement. Our movers efficiently take these items away on a frequent bases, often numerous times a day, so there is not an unsightly build up of trash. When the day is over there is very little to cart off. This policy makes it easier when the relocation is over and it''s time to leave. How daunting would it be if at the end of the day there was s huge pile of mess?

Missy learned this process through her 10 years as a Senior Move Specialist. This style of moving is applauded by the clients and appreciated by the staff of the retirement homes we work in as they don't have to maneuver around all of the cluttered garbage. Try this in your own life..... dispose of the clutter, throw away things when they aren't usable and you'll find your life will function much easier.

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