What Is A Virtual Vacation?

A virtual vacation is one where you do not have to pack, do not have to take time off from work or, for that matter, do not have to spend any money to go there. It is a vacation from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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In 2016, Terrance Zepke, an award-winning author of over fifty travel books, travel blogger, travel adventure expert, and host of Terrance Talks Travel, founded March 30th as National Virtual Vacation Day. I would say that with our current situation, we should declare 2020 as National Virtual Vacation Year. For more information on Terrance Talks Travel, visit their website at [] where you can read her blog as well as sign up for her trip picks and travel tips delivered to your email. Also, you may want to purchase one of her many travel books through Amazon.

What Is A Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour has been defined as “a panoramic view or video simulation of an existing place that can be viewed online, often for travel or vacation-related research.” There are numerous places on the internet that you can visit virtually. These simulations are often combined with music and text to enhance the virtual experience.

Places to Visit:

The website GloboTreks [] is a good place to start for planning a virtual vacation.

  • National Parks (such as the Grand Canyon [] or the Rocky Mountain []

  • Sistine Chapel []

  • Eiffel Tower []

  • Antarctica []

  • Great Wall of China []

  • Taj Mahal []

  • San Diego Zoo [] has numerous live cams for their animal population. From penguins to baboons to elephants and tigers, you won’t be board watching these creatures go about their daily lives.

  • Virtual Museums and Art Galleries (try visiting the Guggenheim Art Museum or else choose your interactive experience by going to Google Arts and Culture []

Send Your Elderly Parents on A Virtual Vacation

It may be that your elderly parents aren’t aware of the possibilities of a virtual vacation. Set up a virtual vacation library for them. To better hone your list, ask them where they have always wanted to travel. If they have no idea or just want to broaden their horizons, why not buy travel books for them to thumb through. Purchasing memorabilia and souvenirs from the places of their choice; (such as a Lai for a Hawaiian trip) together with food items and clothing, though not necessary to enjoy the trip, will certainly help to set the mood). Why not set a virtual vacation up for their birthday and “Go there” with them? By using your big screen tv it is possible to make a virtual vacation a family affair.

Plus, the moon is not the limit anymore. []

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