The drawbacks of moving yourself

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

When you think about moving, there is more to it than just picking up and going. What to do with all that stuff you own? How do I get all of my belongings from Point A to Point B? The logistics of organizing even a simple move can be very daunting. A complex multi-step move can be downright impossible for a non-professional mover.

Well, why don’t we just think about this for a few minutes? You definitely need boxes and transportation and fuel. Those are the three basic expenses you have – truck, gas and boxes. But then there is the distance of the move which is when you have to start multiplying the amount of gas times the mileage, adding a fourth expense to our list. Now we have truck, gas, mileage and boxes.

Okay so you know you need boxes. But then there’s paper wrap, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, labels and markers. Don’t forget the tape. And when you run out because you didn’t estimate the amount of packing supplies properly, you have to go back out – yet again – getting the same supplies that were on your list last week. There goes a fortune to Office Deport, gas for the store runs, and wear and tear of you and your vehicle. On the way to the store, you have a flat tire. Now standing on the side of road, waiting for AAA to pick you up, you are hot, thirsty and sweaty, because you didn’t think to bring your bottled water.

So now just exactly who is going to pack, move and unpack all of you stuff? Well, you could enlist your family or friends – but there’s Cousin Bob, who won’t do anything without a slice of pizza and a can of beer (probably more) and who isn’t available until the third Sunday from yesterday. Or what about Mary Lou, your friend-in-need, who pulled her back yesterday and well, she won’t be available until six weeks from yesterday. “Sorry but doctor’s orders, I can only now lift no more than 10 pounds.”

Finally, after much ado, you’ve solicited a moving crew. Everyone looks around at each other. Mary Lou says “I don’t have a truck.” And Cousin Bob drawls out “Well don’t look at me, my truck is on the fritz and needs a new battery.”

At your wit’s end, you heave out a long and desperate sigh and ask “So who does have has a truck? Oh my! What? No one? Okay, what should I do? I guess I’ll rent a truck.” But your moving crew’s now down to a two man team. And one of them is your friend’s son who forgot to tell his mom, Mary Lou, that he has a mandatory ball practice at 3 o’clock. That means you have to rent the truck for an extra day. (ARGH!!!) Now you have an extra fee you didn’t budget into your move. Thus, you have the added expense of rental fee times a daily fee.

These are demonstrations of just a few of the mishaps that can occur if you want to move yourself. One might think of the money they will save, but it is never worth the hassle and extra hidden expenses you do't count on.

Or you could make all of this simple and efficient and call Interiors for Seniors. We will schedule a time-certain move date, provide you with the truck and gas, boxes, and manpower to pack and unpack with ultimate care of your precious belongings and we are there for you when you need to move. Read more on our website about what we can do for you.

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