I have scoured the internet to find the most popular, yet tried and true, tips for packing your belongings when preparing for a move. Here are the top four tips I would definitely put on my list.

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Oh, yes I am going to use the infamous “D-word” DOWNSIZING. I can never stress enough the advantages of downsizing your belongings before a move. Getting rid of any unwanted and unnecessary possessions should be on the top of your list since the cost of moving is directly connected to the amount of belongings you will be transporting.

While in this process of downsizing, don’t forget Mother Nature. There are many ways to get rid of your unwanted items apart from just contributing to the every growing pile at the designated town dump site. For more specifics on how to downsize, please refer to our previous blog: How to Get Rid of Stuff for a Move.


Have you ever heard of the old game Tetris? The game where you try to stack as much as possible into the given space? Most of us are good at this without even knowing the game. For instance, after you have a big Thanksgiving meal, you play your own version of Tetris when trying to put every item into the given refrigerator space without damaging any of the food below it. This is the dynamic that goes into packing without leaving empty spaces. Therefore, when packing, try to utilize all the space available.


If you follow every grocery store chain’s advice to their bag boys: heavy goes in first, then light on top, you will certainly be packing a box properly for your move. This has been referred to as “the golden rule of grocery packing.” We all know that potato chips go on the top of any grocery bag, if not, then having their own space. So why in the world would you pack your beautiful vase on the bottom of a stack of dishes? You get the picture, I’m sure. Always, always pack heavy then light.


You have probably heard that you should pack your breakables with bubble wrap for the bottom of the box, on the top and most certainly around your most precious items. However, I know many of you may be concerned that bubble wrap is not on the environmentally sustainable check list. It will comfort you to know that professionals also use packing paper to pack items and it certainly can be another way to pack your fragile belongings. By wadding up newsprint sheets, you can also fill in the empty spaces discussed above.

Don’t forget to use those old magazines for packing as well. They work wonderfully for supporting breakables.

Try using laundry baskets, wastebaskets and suitcases for packing, instead of more boxes. Of course you will need boxes, but try renting them or else putting the word out that you are moving when in search of recycled boxes. That will always bring the old boxes out of a person’s cobwebs in the corner of their garage.

Use your pots and pans as a packing space for items in your kitchen such as dishtowels, spice bottles or bottled items like oils and vinegars..

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