Today I thought we would talk about tricking out walkers and other medical devices. “Tricked out” means “to dress in an unusual way” You could also say you are going to add bling to your device. So what is bling? According to, it is “a slang term for fancy, expensive jewelry and accessories. You might aim to impress on the first day of school by wearing a lot of bling. ... The word itself comes from the idea that light glinting off gold or diamonds would make a bling-like sound if you could hear it.”

GOOD IDEA HERE: I think that decorating you medical device adds personality to your device as well promotes a positive mindset.

That said let’s get down to tricking out (adding bling to) our walkers. I think we will divide this into two categories: one for helpful bling and the other for decorative bling.


Under helpful bling we will include walker bags and decorative tape. Decorative tape (which can also go under the decorative category) is helpful since when you wrap your handles, it helps to keep down on the sweat aspect by eliminating the metal against your hand.


I saw the cutest walker. It was decorated with a huge pink bow in the center of the handles. You can also use metallic foil fringe streamers to also put across the bridge of the handles. Just trim them to not interfere with wheels, etc.

Of course, everyone’s favorite is decorative tape or designer duct tape. You can use this to decorate your handles as well as a way to separate your walker from others, especially if you live in a retirement community where others also have walkers.

For $12.99, you can purchase a kit from Amazon that is for decorating your walkers which includes a choice of shrink-wrap decorations of birds, butterflies, flowers, animal prints or sports. It can also be used for other medical devices such as canes, wheelchairs and crutches. You only need to add heat using your hair dryer. Also, if you decide to remove it, it is easy and leaves no gooey residue. The kit comes with video instructions. This item is also sanitizable.

You Can Have Your Own Special Bouquet Of Flowers To Accent Your Wheels!

Upon observation at a retirement home, I saw another favorite for decorating your walkers: artificial flowers. There are so many to choose from when you go to the likes of Joanne’s or Hobby Lobby. Why not purchase a flower for each season?

The old-fashioned pinwheels we used to play with when we were kids seems like it would be a lot of fun if attached to a walker, especially when out taking a walk on nice breezy day.

What we’ve been talking about here is simply jazzing up your devices. If you want a change of pace (literally LOL) this is certainly the way to go. It will brighten your day as well as those you come in contact with. By the way – if you wear a smile while out and about with your walker, it will improve your style immensely.


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