What is a hack anyway? We have heard the word used in many ways. However, today, we want to use it as a word corresponding to an amplified “tip”. In this sense, the term “hack” means a “creative technique.” These hacks are designed to help ease the stress of moving and improve your packing process.

moving hacks

#1 Start Early & Prepare

The best hack by far is starting your moving process early. Last minute packers are stressed out packers. With a bit of planning, you can cut your packing time in half. Be sure to include the following hacks in your preparation for moving:

  • Get a moving estimate early: this will give you a basis for how much your move will actually cost you.

  • Budget your finances: moving can be costly and it is something you should work towards financially speaking.

  • Purchase packing supplies: be sure to purchase ample packing supplies for your move. If you are packing yourself, you will find you may need to go to the packing supply store several times throughout your move. There are packing calculators available online that can help you to estimate the number of boxes, etc. you will need for your particular move. These calculators will ask you: how many rooms in your home, number of persons in your household, and basically to identify your lifestyle by asking whether you are a minimalist, a pack-rat or in-between. It will also ask you if you want to pack your boxes in one of three ways: basic, average or professional.

#2 - Downsize

Downsizing is the name of the game when it comes to packing for a move and it is probably one of the best moving hacks I can offer you. Once you downsize, not only will you lighten your packing load, but your move will be less costly since moving cost is largely measured by the pound.

The discarded items can be sold, donated or tossed out. Gather three boxes and label them as such. Then go about and begin the great purge. Start in closets and those pesky junk draws that seem to have grown in number over the years since you last moved.

#3 - Packing

Packing hacks for moving include:

  • Use the space in your drawers for packing. You don’t need to necessarily empty your drawers from your dressers or vanities. Use them to pack delicate and breakable items by tucking them in between the clothing in the drawers. Once you have fully packed the drawer, wrap it in plastic to secure and protect the contents.

  • As a replacement for packing paper, use your linens and towels to wrap up fragile items. This is especially good for things such as large vases or the base of a lamp.

  • Secure your shampoos, conditioners and any other liquid soaps and cleaning products by placing a piece of plastic wrap inside before screwing the lid back on.

  • Use dish towels to wrap the knives and other sharp objects in the kitchen. Secure with packing tape or large rubber bands.

  • Pots and Pans are great for packing your spices or any other small items in the kitchen. You have to pack your pots and pans anyway, so why not use the space inside of them?

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