Packing dishes and glassware is an important part of the moving process. I’m sure you have your favorite dinner sets and coffee cups. I know I do. To insure you get these precious belongings to your new location, it is best to pack them properly. This blog will give you several tips on how to pack dishes and glassware correctly when moving.


Supplies Needed to Pack Dishes and Glassware

  • Medium-sized boxes*

  • Packing paper, old clothing, rags, hand towels (not printed paper)

  • Bubble wrap

  • Packing tape

  • Markers

*Note that you should never pack dishes and glassware in large boxes. These items, in and of themselves, are a heavy load. Rather, begin preparation for packing your dishes and glassware by obtaining medium-sized boxes. Most recommend packing your dishes and glassware boxes with no more weight than 45 lbs.

Tips on Preparing Both Dishes and Glassware for Packing

  • Wash and thoroughly dry all of your dishes and glassware.

  • Assemble your boxes and use packing tape to give them added strength.

Tips on Packing Glassware Only

  • Line the interior of the boxes with some sort of padding, such as clothing, towels, or packing paper.

  • Fill each glass with crumpled packing paper to help cushion them from the “shock” of the movement.

  • Wrap each glass individually (this is a three-step process):

  • Wrap each glass with packing paper, then

  • Wrap each glass with bubble wrap (on top of the packing paper)

  • Tape to secure bubble wrap

  • Place each wrapped glass into the boxes, upside down.

  • Fill any empty spaces with crushed or rolled packing paper, rags or old clothing, even socks.

Tips on Packing Dishes Only

Never stack unwrapped dishes in a box when moving them. This is a sure-fire way to break your collection. Instead, use packing paper to thoroughly wrap each dish individually. Once wrapped, secure the wrapped paper with packing tape. Place the heaviest of your dishes in the box first, followed by smaller ones such as saucers or bowls. Do not crowd your dishes when packing. Rather, give them some “breathing room.” This is not to be confused with the need to put cushioning around the edges of the dishes in order to prevent them from moving about in the transfer.

Tips on Packing Bowls and Cups

Bowls and Cups should be packed in a separate box, due to their odd and rounded shapes. This makes sense because the shapes will fit around each other well. Also, by packing these items separate from your dishes, your packing will be more uniform. There will be fewer empty spaces then if you combined them with your dish boxes. Be sure to fill each cup and bowl with crumpled packing paper to help cushion any “shock” from movement.

Tips on Packing Both Dishes and Glassware

  • Place a cushioning material on the top of the packed items before closing the top on the box.

  • Use packing tape to seal the boxes

  • Be sure to mark “Fragile” and “This side up” on each of the boxes as well as labeling it with the type of item and “Kitchen.”

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