Since around 2010, vinyl records have been making a comeback and the surge in owning vinyl again went on the rise. Some of us may even have collector’s recordings, saved from the original release of the record. Since vinyl records don’t come cheap, most of us who own vinyl regard it as a prized possession. Here are some tips on how to safely move your vinyl collection.


If you haven’t already, you should start the process of relocating your vinyl by taking an inventory of what you have. Do this in a journal (paper or digital), so that you have an itemized record of your collection. In library language, this is known as cataloging. This step is also helpful if you plan on insuring your collection. Here are two digital databases you may use to catalog your record collection for free:

VinylWall [found in Google Play Store]:

Music Collector and Organizer [App Store for iPhones]:

Organizing your collection can be done either by genre, artist (or band), or chronologically. Within those groups, you can then organize with subgroups, such as alphabetizing by artist.

Part of organizing your vinyl record collection is to survey the shape of the individual records themselves. Make sure the inner covers are in good condition and that their outer jackets are also preserved. A package of 25 outer poly sleeves for about $10 is available at Office Depot. It is also best to use a poly sleeve for the record itself as it prevents static build up, especially when moving. You can purchase a pack of 50 sleeves for about $25 at Amazon.


Once you have organized your collection, it is best to go about with your camera and memorialize your collection with a photograph. This is another insurance tip.


The best size box to pack your vinyl is 1.5 cubic feet box. This size should fit between 80 and 100 records.


You shouldn’t jam pack your records into the box when packing. Rather, give them some breathing room in between. Also, it’s best not to stack your packed vinyl any more than three boxes high. This is also where you will need to decide what order your want to pack your boxes, as far as your organizational system goes. This is where labeling will come into play [see Tip #5: Labeling Your Boxes below]. For instance, if you are organizing by artist, you may want to pack the boxes with say, artists who are A – C.


Tip #4 and #5 are closely related, in that while you are packing your boxes, it is best to have your labeling material handy. Using a magic marker is sufficient. Or you can get fancy and print labels for your boxes.


Always store your records in a cool place. Heat can warp your collection.

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