You have chosen the art décor and mirrors in your home carefully for both meaning and aesthetic comfort. Many of these items may even be hard to replace due to sentimental value, not mention the cost of their replacement. Therefore, you most certainly want to have these same fragile belongings properly packed to ensure their quality and safety while moving.

To begin, you will need to determine how many pieces of art or mirrors you will be packing. Next, you should gather the correct amount of supplies you will need in order to properly package your art or mirrors.

There are many places to purchase boxes and supplies that are specifically made for protecting art while moving. I would suggest Home Depot, Amazon and U-Haul to start.


  • Boxes at least an inch larger in dimension than the art pieces

  • Shipping tubes

  • Cardboard Corner Protectors

  • Cardboard sheets or foam board (for protection between layers or art – cut one-inch smaller than dimensions of the box)

  • Strap & Buckle (for heavier pieces)

  • Plastic stretch wrap or pallet wrap (if your art doesn’t have a glass cover)

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Glassine sheets or acid-free tissue paper (found at arts and crafts stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby)

  • Packing paper

  • Packing Tape

  • Labels


  • After you have gathered the above list, find an area in your home where you can lay your art or mirror down safely. Either a floor with a clean tarp or else a dining room table will suffice.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard or foam board to sandwich (front and back) each piece of art. Set aside.

  • Cut the pieces of glassine or acid-free tissue paper (optional).

  • Wrap each piece in bubble wrap secured with packing tape

  • Place cardboard or Styrofoam edges on each wrapped piece

  • Take pieces of cardboard you previously cut and place them on either side of the art piece

  • Tape the sides together on all four sides

  • Place in larger boxes (measure for boxes that will accommodate several pieces of art)

  • Seal boxes with packing tape

  • Label ‘FRAGILE’ as well as the identification of each piece inside the box and which room in the house it will be moving to.


In this instance, unframed art refers to posters and flexible canvas pieces or art. This is when you will need shipping tubes.

  • Place a sheet of glassine (cut approximately one-inch larger than the dimensions of the art piece) on a clean and dry area, then place the art piece on it, face up.

  • Carefully roll the art piece to finish at the other end.

  • Wrap a layer of bubble wrap around the roll and secure it on the end with packing tape (not masking, Scotch or duct tape).

  • Fit the sealed and secure roll into a packing tube.

  • Label “FRAGILE” and identify piece.

*NOTE: If you are the artist of a piece, be sure that the art is thoroughly dry before packing.

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