Priceless items can mean many different things to different people. In the financial sense, of course, it will mean items that are costly in the price-tag sort of way. However, priceless can also refer to those things that are irreplaceable in the sentimental sense. Whichever category you place your priceless items in, the fact remains that you need to pack them in a manner so as to preserve their integrity.


My first tip for your priceless items is to consider having them insured before moving them. This would require you creating an inventory list that includes a photograph of each of the priceless items and any unusual identification markings.


This category of priceless items would include things such as jewelry and valuable documents. These items are best kept with your person throughout the move.

  • Jewelry

Place your jewelry in separate pouches before putting them in a secure jewelry box. For an in depth how-to for packing jewelry, please watch for our up and coming blog, How to Pack Jewelry for a Move.

  • Valuable Documents

You most likely have boxes of documents in your possession. Some are more important than others and for the purpose of this blog will be in the category of valuable documents. These would include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license, passports and other valuable forms of personal identification. Bank information and paperwork should also be included in this category, as should warranties, certificates of authenticity and anything pertaining to real estate holdings.


  • Glassware

I recently packed dozens of delicate, long-stemmed glasses that have been in the family for generations. It was worth it to go the extra mile to ensure that these priceless family heirlooms were packed properly. I opted to purchase moving box inserts that are specific to such an item that would separate and hold my glassware intact. Prior to placing the glasses in these reinforced boxes, I washed and thoroughly dried them before wrapping each in a sheet of packing paper.

  • Dishes

Likewise, you can purchase a dish packing kit that will hold your precious china and other dishware in place for your move. Foam envelopes are also available for added protection. Otherwise, you should wrap each plate individually. It is always better to stand your dishes vertically (on end) rather than stack them on top of one another. If you must stack your dishes, do separate them by wrapping in packing paper. Never overload your dish boxes. Rather, use a filler to take up the empty space after you reach a maximum weight of approximately 45 pounds.


If you are a gun collector, own a priceless chandelier or need an expensive grand piano moved, you would certainly want to have a these packed properly. Rest assured that Interiors for Seniors has had experience with such items and will consult with experts should the need arise.

Please refer to our May 31, 2019 blog entitled Grabbing the Bull by the Horns. In this blog, we describe how we used ingenuity to accomplish an unusual task. Here is a quote from that blog:

“This move, the “special challenge” wasn’t the numerous large, heavy ceramic vases or the oversized framed pictures. It was a MASSIVELY HUGE LONGHORN BULL SKULL WITH HORNS SPANNING MORE THAN FOUR FEET!!!!!!!”

Long story short, we accomplished this task though it was a challenge.

“The bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity.” Anonymous

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