Believe it or not, many people relocate during the holidays. It may not be the best time to move, but it can certainly be a convenient time to move. If you have a nice long vacation coming to you for the holidays, it may just be the best time to consider moving mom and dad so you don’t need to take off extra time from work.

Hopefully, we can shed some light on this in order to make your move as stress-free as possible.


One of the first things to remember is to plan your move well ahead of the holidays. Securing a mover well in advance will certainly give you a head start on a stress free move. Remember, the movers are also working around their holidays, too.

Plan for a moving expenses fund as well as holiday gifts

Besides the purchase of gifts for that season, you will have to include the price of your move as well. This may be a good time to explain to your loved ones that your gifts are going to have to be smaller this year due to the cost of your moving. Be sure to calendar the events necessary to your move so that in the excitement of both the holiday and your move you won’t forget important things, such as making arrangements with electric, internet, cable etc. This would also include the post office.

Be certain to let your family and friends know in advance that you will no longer be at your old address so you can avoid unnecessary delays in receiving packages and holiday cards in the mail. Be sure to change your address in a timely manner for any mail that may be lagging due to the holiday rush. If you happen to have a social media account such as Facebook, then this would be a good place to make your moving announcement as well.


Why not plan to have a holiday gathering at a location other than your home. Or, if you are moving prior to the holidays, you can make sure to unpack your holiday decorations first, so you can have them ready for giving your new home that bright holiday look and feel.

Here’s a fun idea! If moving prior to the holidays, how about engaging your family and friends to come over for a decorating party? Have each person bring a dish and throw a pot luck dinner while decorating? In fact, why not tell them that assisting you in this can be their holiday gift to you (this is especially helpful when trying to engage the help of teenagers in your life).


To cut down on the holiday shopping frenzy while in the process of moving, why not get everyone gift cards this year.

If you are planning on moving during this season, remember that any unwanted items in your home may be just the thing a more unfortunate person may be able to use. This is a great time to give to a thrift store


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