Messy rooms can potentially be located in almost any part of your home. Most, if not all of us, have had them at one time or another. A messy room could technically be your garage, your bedroom, your den or even an attic space. Regardless of where it is located, if you are moving, you will need to tackle the clutter one way or another. Let’s see if we can make some sense out of the mess.

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First and foremost, you will need to acquire boxes. These boxes are not for packing at this point. Though they can be re-purposed for that reason, at this point, we are going to use them as “separation receptacles”.

Initially, you will only need three boxes marked as follows: DONATE, KEEP and TOSS.

To begin with, you should access just what you have, so start by separating the contents of the room into categories, such as clothing (dirty and clean), shoes, books and paperwork, etc. From these piles of things, there is bound to be items that simply don’t belong to the room itself, such as dishes, empty glasses, or even sports equipment. These can be redistributed to the correct room for packing in an organized manner.


Once you have assigned each item a pile, it is time to downsize. Assess each item (as quickly as possible) for its use in your life. If you haven’t used something within the past year, you can be pretty sure you don’t actually need it. How about those mismatched sox, old receipts or outdated technology (this would include old cell phones and computers, including their peripherals (such as a mouse, printers, webcams and cords).

The resulting items you have selected to remove from your possessions will either go in the Trash or else the Toss box, depending on how you determine its remaining use. If it is really outdated, you should just toss it, since even secondhand stores won’t accept outdated technology. If it is still useable then it may either be donated or else you may be able to get some cash for it on Nextdoor or Craig’s List.


Next, should turn your attention to the KEEP box (which by now may have grown in to several boxes). Be sure to wash any dirty clothing or linens (bed sheets and towels, etc.). Never pack them dirty as this is just an invitation for bugs (or worse) to find their way to your belongings, especially if they will be packed for any length or time or if you plan on storing them.

To finish your task of moving a messy room, once you have finished going through your belongings, it is time to wash down the surfaces with a sanitizing cleaner, so that you are not carrying any germs that may be floating around with you to your new location.

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