Since we are nearing the long haul of the Thanksgiving and Winter holidays(Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza), it may be a good time to go over this check list prior to your family converging on your home. Though holidays can be a stressful time, it will help that you have your home in order for those visitors. It will mean one less thing for you to be concerned about.


  • If it’s a good day, open those windows and air out your home. This will go a long way in making your job easier.

  • Take items such as throw pillows and blankets outside and shake or else beat them to get out any stale dust. Put these aside.

  • Using a broom, go under all lifted items such as beds, sofas, chairs and anything that has a floor surface directly beneath it, and pull out anything that may have wandered underneath. There you may find that lost sock or shoe; the cat’s toys, and the herds of dust bunnies that congregated out of sight.

  • Next, scrub your entryway and clean your front porch area, making sure there are no items in the way for someone to trip over or merely have to step over.

LAUNDRY Why not get the laundry out of the way prior to those guests arriving? Make sure you have plenty of towels, washcloths, and hand towels for both the kitchen and the bath area. Clean laundry also adds a great fragrance to your home.

It is important that you focus on both the kitchen and bathroom since this is the place most people will see during a holiday get-together


  • Flush your sink drain by pouring hot water down it. Then you can freshen your garbage disposal by putting a half of lemon in it. Each time you use your disposal for the next few days the lemon will “whirr around” and give your kitchen a lemony odor.

  • Dust your light fixtures.

  • Clean your stove, top and inside oven

  • Wash down all kitchen surfaces with a good cleaner

  • Clean out your refrigerator so you have room for all you holiday groceries and and finished product after you cook.

  • Clean your floor

  • Check and purchase if necessary: plastic storage containers, plastic wraps, aluminum foil, paper products.

  • Pull out those pans that you only use for holidays and give them a thorough cleaning.

  • Think of purchasing a wax melting container and find a great wax cube that smells like pine or even a chocolate chip cookie. Of course, once you actually do start cooking, you won’t need them. But they are nice in a pinch, both before and after the meal.


  • Be certain that you thoroughly clean the sink, tub/shower, toilet and floor.

  • Clean your mirrors.

  • Put out fresh towels and soap containers.

  • Using the wax melts in the bath is also a good idea. Find one that has lavender or some floral fragrance to accent your scrupulously clean bathroom.

  • Perhaps some bric-a-brac that embraces the season would be nice.


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