In order to have a stress-free move, it is important that you organize beforehand. Experts

agree that organization can help one to manage stress. Organization during the moving process is no exception. This includes organizing both your time as well as planning out your moving process. Thus, by organizing you can eliminate overextending yourself and burning out before the big move.

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Before you start anything, prepare yourself mentally for the move. Know that this is

going to happen and act accordingly. Try to focus on the positive aspects of the move.

A carefully planned move includes a notebook or journal of your projected needs and

scheduling them in an orderly way before the actual move. In scheduling a move, it is also

important that you schedule time for yourself to rest and relax. A good diet with plenty of water intake would also be in order for this purpose. If you feel the need, reach out for help.

  1. Don’t try to do more than you are capable of doing.

  2. Thus, you need to create a schedule of events, including:

  3. Start your planning process well ahead of the actual move.

  4. Don’t leave things to the last minute (that never turns out well where stress is concerned). This would also include clearing your schedule ahead of time to accommodate your moving activities.

  5. Budget your finances for your move.

  6. Journal your business needs with dates to include change of address with postoffice and change-over of all utilities, phone and other services for the relocation.

  7. Purchase plenty of cleaning products (it’s easier to clean as you go then leave it for another “big project” that is also another potential stress trigger).

  8. Eliminating all unwanted items from your home prior to the move (you don’t want to move and pay for items that you are planning on getting rid of in the first place). This would include finding a removal company ahead of time for the big items you are getting rid of.

  9. Creating a workspace for packing (a dedicated room or corner of a room is a good idea here).

  10. Obtain packing materials

  11. Each box should have a number written on it.

  12. Journal the number of each box with the contents for easy referral

  13. When packing, put all parts of an item together (such as: lamp, lampshade, bulb etc.)

Don’t forget to pack an essential bag for your move. This would include your

daily grooming needs, medications (for both your family and your pets)

Finally, understand that by journaling and organizing your moving plan ahead of time,

you won’t have to rush through the process, nor will you have to lay awake at night and wonder if things are getting done. You merely need to reach over and look at your journal and see both your progress and the plan of the day.

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