Striving for happiness can sometimes seem like you are reaching out for a mirage. Your surroundings definitely have an effect on your emotions as well as your productivity. If, for instance, your home is disorganized, you will simply be in a constant state of agitation, trying to always locate simple everyday items.

There are some simple things you can do to bolster your happiness. One way is to create a happy home. You only need to change a few things in your daily routine to begin to create a new and happier environment and to feel more in control of your life.


Yes, there have actually been studies done on those who do and those who don’t make their beds when they first get up. Bottomline? Three-fourths of the people surveyed stated that making their bed in the morning made them feel more accomplished at the end of the day than those who did not. Interesting fact: “retired U.S. Navy Admiral SEAL William H. McCraven, who wrote [a] New York Times bestseller” said the habit of making his bed in the morning was one of the most important lessons he learned as a Navy SEAL.


I feel that directly after making your bed when you first get up, that a time of mediation is in order. This should be accomplished before you even peek your head out for the day. Meditation is comparable to a morning cup of coffee for your soul. I know, I know, there are lots of books about on Chicken Soup for the Soul…and I love them. But simple meditation in the morning is like a good cup of coffee. It will clear out your spiritual pipes, help you to focus and ultimately perk up your outlook on the day. Choose whatever form of meditation your belief prescribes.


If you are serious about your mediation practices, you can create a quiet space. It will, of course, reflect the belief system you embrace, but the basic elements for a quite space are all the same. Those elements are comfort and coziness. A few candles, a nice throw rug with pillows, or an easy chair for comfort are good ideas for this quiet space. A small stereo or your phone can be a good way to bring in meditative music. This is a space you can also have for journaling so have a nice journal and pen ready for those “ah-ha moments” in your mediation. Even a good book that helps to bolster your spirit can be in order here. Have fun making this space a part of your happy home.


It is always a comforting thing to see a home that has a bit of nature in it. You don’t have to have a forest inside your living room, but a few plants here and there are visually nice. It is good to know that plants inside you home are good for clearing toxins out of the air. Also, don’t forget to put out a few cut flowers now and again. I know when I have fresh flowers, my attitude changes for the better.


Volumes have been written on the effect color and lighting can have on a person’s mood. Psychology Today has a great article on the effects color has on your mood. They point out that color choices can affect one’s behavior. For instance, greens have been linked to creative thinking and blues tends to create an atmosphere of trust. If you want to investigate this further, follow this link: []

Likewise, Eluxe Magazine has an article on how to change your mood with lighting. One thing of interest they point out in this article is that by changing your lighting, you can make a room “romantic, energizing, calming, or warming.”

Good luck creating your happy home.

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