Time to move, here's your list

Interiors for Seniors Moving Checklist

4 Weeks before Moving Day:

· Contact Missy, a Senior Move Manage at Interiors for Seniors for a consultation. At this point you will pick a moving date, schedule a timeline with movers and the new community. Take measurements of furniture and d3esign a furniture plan.

· Obtain a change of address kit from the post office, fill out the card and return.

· Contact service companies (gas, electric, paper, water, telephone and cable TV) to disconnect services the day after the scheduled moving days.

3 Weeks Before Moving Day:

· Schedule a day of sorting through your home. A Senior Move manager will help you decide what needs to be taken to your new home, what can be given to family, what will be sold at your Estate Sale or donated to a charity.

· Sort through all paperwork. Remember that you are downsizing. At the minimum, try to cut your paperwork in half. Collect important paperwork (wills, deeds, stock, etc) and put them in a safe place.

· Arrange to change any bank accounts and doctors.

· Purchase packing boxes if you are doing the packing yourself.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day:

· Schedule another day of sorting if needed. This means we will pack any belongings that you won’t be using for the next 2 weeks.

· Return any borrowed materials from library or friends.

· Prepare change of address cards

· Shop for any new items for your new home (bedding, TV, small appliances, furniture) arrange for any of these items to be delivered on moving day.

1 Week Before Moving Day:

· Organize and set aside things that you’re taking with you (including a box of personal item, fine jewelry and medications).

· Continue to pack your things that you will need for the next week.

The Day Before the Move:

· Leave out an outfit for moving day.

· Disconnect and pack TV and computer equipment.

· Button up any last-minute items that need to be packed.

Morning of the Move:

· Pack up the refrigerator/freezer items

· Pack up bathroom items, nightclothes and bedding


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