In today’s world, recycling is a common word. However, in practice, many overlook the actual “practice” of recycling. A good time to recycle unnecessary items from your home is when you are moving.


Why Recycle?

Recycling reduces the need for:

  • extraction, [that is mining, logging (saving our forests) and quarrying (brick, sand, gravel)

  • refining – refineries are considered a major source of pollution, releasing hydrocarbons like natural gas (methane), volatile oils and fuels

  • processing plant activity

  • conserves natural resources

  • protects our environment

  • reduces landfills

Things to Recycle

1. Moving Boxes

There are many recycling programs for boxes.:

  • Did you know that Home Depot has a recycling center?

  • Sell your used boxes at places such as [], Craig’s list or Next Door

  • Charity organizations (such as food banks, etc. need boxes)

  • Keep your used boxes for personal storage after your move

2. Electronics such as computers, and cell phones.

Most of us have the above items somewhere in our homes, stored in your garage, pushed to the back of a closet or in a drawer. However, before you dispose of computers, cell phones and the like, be sure to remove any personal information you may have stored in them.

I found this tip on how to wipe your cell phones of personal information at

“On iPhones, head to: Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings”

“On Android phones, head to: Settings > System > Reset (or Backup & Reset) > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything”

  • There are many take-back or trade-in programs associated with cell phones.

Likewise, I found this tip on erasing personal information from your computers before disposing of them:

  • Back up your information

  • Sign out of accounts, disconnect devices, and erase your hard drive

  • Safely dispose of your computer

3. Eyeglasses

Sam’s Club and Walmart Vision Centers partnered with Lion’s Club to collect used eyewear to disburse to those in need throughout the world. A blue and white box with the Lion’s Club logo is available there for collections.

There are many other places as well. Most vision stores have a program or information about recycling your eyewear.

4. Car batteries – most auto parts and repair services will take a used battery.

5. Packing Materials

6. Books and magazines

Used bookstores are a perfect place to recycle old books. Some stores give you store credit for this. One of my family’s favorites is Best Used Books located at 880 South Highway 17-92, Longwood, FL. (407) 339-8200.

7. Plastic containers

Plastic containers have symbols on their products that lets you know where to dispose of the container in questions. The link below will provide that information as well as additional information on the many questions that this post has not address regarding recycling.

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