We live in an age of “stuff” and too much stuff at that. If you have plans for a move, now is the time to start eliminating unnecessary items [stuff]. This is not to be treated as a last-minute task. Rather, it is a task that should be well-planned and implemented months before your move. This task of elimination is also a good way to save money on your move (and perhaps even earn some money along the way).

garage sale box

You will save money by lowering the number of items to be moved, thus needing fewer packing supplies. There will also be more space in the moving truck and less manpower hours for the excess moving of your mostly unnecessary items.

You may be able to make money by selling your unwanted items that are in good condition by having Interiors for Seniors hold an estate sale for those particular items. Or you may find a buyer by word-of-mouth, Craig’s list or even a garage sale if you like that sort of thing.


Living Room/Den/Office

  • Books you don’t need, have duplicates of or do not plan on reading

  • Unnecessary paperwork. (Remember to shred sensitive paperwork that includes financial, medical or personal information). This list would include old bills, receipts and old tax returns.

  • Unneeded instruction manuals

  • Knick knacks (to include decorative glass, metal, wood or even plastic items).

  • Pens (check on the old ones that will probably no longer write)


Bathrooms are famous for holding a plethora of unnecessary items that really should have been thrown away ages ago. Take a moment to peek under your vanity or in your medicine cabinet to see what I mean. Here is a list of items to consider throwing out.

  • Old shampoo/conditioner (mostly empty, etc.)

  • Old half-used lotion (especially if it is separating, yuck!)

  • Old make-up

  • Used disposable razors

  • Dried nail polish

  • Expired medication/vitamins

  • Old linens and towels


  • Most of what has collected in your junk drawers

  • Dishware that is not part of a set

  • Plastic food container (from store purchases, such as cottage cheese, butter, etc.)

  • Broken items

  • Out-of-date or expire food items

  • Cooking utensils that you have double, triple, etc. of the same item

  • Stained containers


  • Old clothes. Do an honest assessment! Ask yourself, “when is the last time I actually wore this item?” If it’s been more than a year, you should consider getting rid of it.

  • Old worn shoes


  • Old appliances (especially if they don’t work)

  • Out-of-date computer components

  • Out-of-date stereo or media equipment

  • Electric cords that have no match to a product

  • Old sporting equipment

  • Multiples of tools that don’t fit your set.

  • Old gardening equipment

  • Old holiday decorations

  • Paint containers

  • Collections of items belonging to old hobbies you are no longer interested in.

  • Old stored furniture

  • Old toys, bikes, etc.

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