Updated: Mar 25, 2021

With all the things you need to remember to do when moving, there is also a list of things you should avoid when moving.

Avoid Leaving Things Until the Last Minute

If you are going to make a major move, you should definitely plan things properly so you don’t leave important things until the last minute or for that matter, allow important tasks to get lost in the rush. When you don’t plan for a move, you are also opening yourself up to stress, which you should try to avoid at all costs. Therefore, you should give yourself a realistic estimate of how long it will take to pack as well as make a list of services that need to be transferred (such as electric, water, postal address, or the like).

Avoid Jumping the Gun on Packing

While you should give yourself plenty of time to pack, you should keep in mind that packing too far ahead of time is something to avoid as well. Why you ask? Most likely you will find you need many of the items packed in the maze of boxes surrounding you and will end up going on a “treasure hunt” of sorts in search of where your belongings are.

Avoid Having to Purchase Packed Items

This is a good forerunner to the fact that once you do start to pack, you should pack a box (or 2) of essentials so that you don’t have to dig through each and every box for those items you use on a daily basis. This would go under the category of avoiding the need to run to Walgreens or Walmart for a new hairbrush because yours is in the bathroom box buried under a heap of additional boxes.

Avoid Excessive Downsizing

Downsizing is always a good direction to go in when moving, especially if you moving to a smaller home. However, you can go overboard on this as well. Try to assess the items you toss, remembering that you don’t want to just turn around and have to go out and purchase the same item in a couple of months. If your new place doesn’t fit the items you determine are necessary you can rent a storage shed to accommodate the lack of space. This could include items that are seasonal, such as holiday decorations, hobby supplies or even gardening tools and such.

Avoid Moving Scams

With so many people out of work, scams are on the rise, with those who try to underhandedly take advantage of those unaware of their schemes. Be sure that when you hire a mover, you vet them before entering into an agreement with them or handing your money over to them. Reputable movers such as Interiors for Seniors have a business license and credentials in long-standing to back up their claims of expertise. Please refer to the testimonial section of our website for reviews of our past client’s satisfaction. Therefore, to avoid a moving scam, it is best to do your research in order to make an informed decision prior to hiring a moving company.

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