THE WEIGHT OF BOXES: A Guide to Moving Boxes

Boxes are a necessary part of the moving process. So, the issue now is which boxes should you use for your particular belongings. The good news is there are many different types of boxes from which to choose. However, in order to move your belongings properly, that is, getting them to your new location in good condition, you need to use the correct box.

moving boxes

To begin with, moving boxes are generally made from “a non-bending grade of paperboard” commonly known as a "cardboard box.” This is different from crates (see below for an explanation).

Standard Boxes

Boxes which are categorized as standard boxes are also divided into subcategories. Here is are some measurements to help guide your choices:

Standard Boxes

  • Small — Measure around 16 in. x 12 in. x 12 in.

  • Medium — Measure around 18 in. x 15 in. x 18 in.

  • Large — Measure around 18 in. x 18 in. x 24 in.

  • Extra Large Boxes (XL) – 24 in. x 20 in. x 24 in.

Additionally, there are specialty boxes available for your clothing, dishes and other items that will not fit into a standard-sized box.

  • Wardrobe Boxes

  • Lamp Boxes

  • Mirror or Picture Boxes

  • Dish Pack Boxes

  • TV Boxes (designed for large flat-screen television sets). These boxes will usually extend to fit a television that measures between a 32 in. and a 70” screen.

  • Office and file boxes (sometimes called “banker boxes”)

A Word About Crates

Crates (sometimes known as totes) are generally made of a sturdy industrial-strength plastic. The boast of plastic crates is that they are stackable and will hold up with the heaviest of weight. Not only so, but they are also are reusable. Plastic crates are a good idea for transporting fragile items among other things.

It is possible to rent plastic crates from U-Haul rather that purchasing them. Advertised as Ready-to Go Boxes, it is good to also know that they clean their rental boxes between each use. Additionally, you can purchase plastic crates from places like U-Haul or Home Depot. If you are wondering, moving companies are willing and capable of moving your plastic crates to your new home. By example, a 2.4 cubic foot plastic box from U-Haul is easily capable of holding computers, monitors and other office supplies.

The Need to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes have been treated with retardant chemicals for things such as: roaches and rodents (insecticides), fungus, moisture, heat and flame. Therefore, if you don’t intend to further use them for storage purposes after your move, it is a good idea to try and recycle your boxes instead of throwing them away to end up in landfill. Be aware that there are also online box-exchange sites. One such site is at U-Haul, where they have a box-exchange bin at every location. (also known as “take a box/leave a box” bins).

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