Patience, by definition is “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” While we may all lose out capacity for patience from time to time, it is said to be a virtuous quality to have. Since virtue simply means “excellence”, it’s easy to see how patience can be exercised while occupying one’s self in the processes of gardening, sewing, painting and other useful arts.

The process of cultivating patience is not altogether exercised today in our world of instant gratification. However, it is still a necessary virtue and can be of benefit for both your mind and your body.


There is no way you can rush a garden to grow. It is going to take its sweet time to grow within the prescribed time of each of the individual plants, just as nature intended. Coinciding with nature is your individual input to that garden. Did you plant it within the proper planting window of the season? Did you prepare the ground properly? Are you willing to assist Mother Nature in watering that garden should the rain not cooperate with your seasonal needs?

Thus, you find that exercising patience in this process can bring about a rewarding outcome. Patience is said to alleviate stress. As you walk out among your garden (be it a small patio with potted plants or a larger in-ground garden plot) you can almost feel the peaceful vibrations the plants offer. As their keeper, you begin to appreciate the beauty of their growth process. It is easy to begin to understand that your own life is like a plant. One that needs proper nutrition, fresh air, sunshine and water.


Sewing is another skill where it is important to exercise patience. While sewing, you can have plenty of time to relax and mediate, especially if you are engaged in embroidering, quilting or even stuffed animal projects, to name a few.

Of course, sewing projects can be lengthy, taking up to weeks or even months to complete. Throughout each day’s sewing activity time, it is also important to take a rest. Rest your eyes, rest your neck from bending over, or just get up and walk about to stretch your legs.

In times past, as we are all aware, personal sewing was a necessity unless you were fortunate enough to purchase clothing from another seamstress. Today, we don’t have that necessity, but we still want to know the joy of sewing. I say this to explain that unless you have a self-imposed deadline on your projects, it is okay to just breathe, relax and sew – all good processes towards exercising patience. If you do have a deadline on a project, give yourself plenty of time to complete it so that you don’t have to feel pressured to get it done.


For those of you who like to paint (artistically, of course), let it be understood that you are in control of your own canvas. There is absolutely no time constraint on your project (unless you are in a class situation whereby your instructor imposes a deadline). But for those who are in the comfort of your home or even out in nature, it is great to know that you are alone with your thoughts and your creativity.

When you begin an art project, there are many factors to consider. Try to eliminate any anxiety by allowing yourself the time to complete it. As you realize that you should appreciate the process of painting, you are also engaging in the act of exercising patience. This appreciation for the act of creating your art will help you to further cultivate patience, which is the most important tool in your toolbox.


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