Preparing for a move is not an overnight activity. Rather, it comes in stages. Below is list of those stages. Together, I am calling those stages my Ultimate Moving Checklist.

Select a Moving Service

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It is a good idea to start your moving process by obtaining estimates for the move. Interiors for Seniors will give you a free consultation and provide you with an estimate of your move. Once you have selected your service and locked in a specific moving date, you should then go about your preparatory work.

Moving Expenses

Once you have a moving estimate, it is time to budget for your move. If you plan on moving yourself, it will run into a costly expense of purchasing moving supplies, figuring in labor, transportation and sometimes storage (depending your particular needs). Keep in mind a moving company will give you an estimate that will include their provided services which most likely will include the moving supplies (including boxes, tapes and packaging supplies, together with dollies and other special helps for irregular furniture), transportation and labor cost. A moving company is efficient in all these needs. Interiors for Seniors is able to pack and unpack your belongings and, if you so choose, they can stage your new home. With an estimate, it is easier to plan your moving budget.


It’s almost impossible to move all of the belongings that one has acquired, especially if you have lived in your present location for any lengthy time, without first sorting. Oh, yes. You can just chuck them all in a cardboard box, call your nephew to move it and call it a day. But the unpacking process is just going to present you with the exact same result. Once you arrive at your new place with your boxes of unsorted worldly goods, you are still going to have to sort through them. After you are there, you will probably begin to ascertain what you want to keep and what you want to toss. So, why not do this to begin with, prior to moving, so that you don’t move unnecessary items, which will of course cost you more in money and time.

You should begin your sorting process about eight weeks prior to your scheduled move. As you go about sorting, take pictures of the items you intend to keep, and keep them in a digital folder on your computer or else phone. This will give you a visual inventory of your belongings.

Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Belongings

If you have any belongings that still have value, you should consider having a garage sale or else an estate sale. Interiors for Seniors is able to help you with an estate sale. Be sure to ask about this at your free consultation. Any unwanted items can be discarded by simply throwing them away. However, should you have a huge number of unwanted items, consider renting a dumpster for the day. Organize a team from among your family members, buy a couple of pizzas and a case of soda and water and have a party.

Changing Over Your Utilities/Services

Be sure to schedule a change for the transition of your services from point A to point B. Don’t forget you change your address with the post office, and on any important services such as your bank, your place of employment, Social Security, insurance companies etc. Remember, you must change your address on your Driver’s License or State ID within 10 days of your move.


When moving, create an important papers box and keep them in your personal possession. Do not include them in the boxes being moved by your moving company. These important papers would include birth certificates and other forms of identification, contracts, health and life insurance policies, medical information, prescriptions, pet registrations and pet medical information. Make a list of your providers and keep them along with the passwords to your various services and locations on the web.

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