The Great Bric-a-Brac Purge

We at Interiors for Seniors understand the emotions that rise when one is moving from their lifelong home to a smaller space. Many times, a senior is holding on to certain items because they wish to pass them onto their children only to find out their children do not want the item(s).

After the initial purge of tossing out the children’s old school papers and handmade gifts, we are still left with important papers, photos and memorabilia. We spoke previously on how to organize your photos and other memorabilia in our blog “4 Tips For Organizing Photos And Memorabilia For A Move.

Not so quick! Now we are going for the knick knacks (otherwise known as bric-a-brac) that line your shelves. I know you cringe every time you go by them and think about having to dust around all of them. Regardless, I am sure each one has a memory. You may be a collector of Hummel figurines or have a myriad of turtle items as I do after merely mentioning to my family that I liked turtles.

My mom has a herd of elephants gracing her shelves. Whatever your collections, the real issue here is what stays and what goes.

Bric-à-brac or bric-a-brac (origin French), first used in the Victorian era, refers to lesser objets d'art forming collections of curios, such as elaborately decorated teacups and small vases, compositions of feathers or wax flowers under glass domes, decorated eggshells, porcelain figurines, painted miniatures or photographs in stand-up frames, and so on.[i]


This is not a task to rush through. Select several boxes and label them:




After you have placed the items in the boxes, this may be a good time to call in the family to look through the TOSS IT box and to also help you in deciding what to do with the MAYBE box.

If you have an expensive collection you will want to decide if you wish to donate or sell the items.

· If you are donating then you should consult with an accountant for deduction purposes.

· If selling an expensive collection, it is best to work with an auction company.

I know I had a gorgeous silver-painted tea set given to me that I loved it, as I did the person who gifted it to me. But one day it no longer had a place in my space. I gifted it to a Children’s Playhouse for use in plays. I picture it in a Beauty and the Beast play or some sort. Perhaps you have some such items for this purpose.

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[i] “Bric-à-Brac.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 22 July 2018,à-brac.


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