The Gift of Aging

Growing Old: A gift or a curse? It’s all a matter of perspective.

Many people seem to worry about growing older and they may have valid reasons. It’s a fact that in most cases we are required to deal with more stresses, problems and limitations in later life. Of course, every stage of life has its ups and downs, but the challenges of old age seem to pile up. Retirement, loneliness, bereavement, physical and emotional difficulties are all stresses associated with aging. However, this extraordinary time of life can also provide exceptional views of the world seen through the eyes of wisdom and experience. Plus, it offers the free time to relax and truly enjoy the view.

Successful Aging - An Opportunity

Extended life expectancy is a bonus of the 21st century. Much appreciated, we can learn to take full advantage of this gift. The key components that allow seniors to reap the benefits that this era are mental outlook, everyday lifestyle, and an ability to anticipate and plan for change. The result - a retirement environment in which to relax, make healthier choices, develop new hobbies and do things you didn't make the time to do when you were younger.

Retirement - A New Beginning

Retirement is traditionally looked upon as the ending of your working life. However, an alternative way to view retirement is a beginning, or a rebirth. Research indicates that physical and mental health can often improve after retirement. This is the platform to

launch the new you and stretch yourself both physically and mentally. It creates opportunities to discover new interests, make new friends and above all look positively at retirement.

Healthy Lifestyle -Makes Coping Much Easier

Gradual physical decline in old age is inevitable, but a healthy lifestyle incorporating a good diet and exercise can help sustain good health for as long as possible. A healthy lifestyle can help you to feel good about yourself and to make you more able to deal with the physical and mental challenges of growing older.

The Myth of Senility

It is a widely perceived conception that as people age their memory will decline and they will face loss of intelligence. This is not true. Even though Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are more prevalent in the elderly, the fact is that for most people old age brings no automatic change in memory. There is no significant loss of learning ability either. In addition, problem solving ability, known as crystalline intelligence, actually increases with age.


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