One’s health and wellbeing are not limited to a healthy cholesterol and blood pressure level. Rather, one’s fitness is also dependent on their emotional and spiritual health as well.

The term enlightened is defined as “having or showing a rational, modern and well-informed outlook.” Alternative health practices and holistic lifestyles are now a part of many people’s everyday life. For several decades now, the holistic approach to living has been a part of mainstream thought. It is now common to find sections of most grocery stores dedicated to healthy food, with organically grown or otherwise pre-made products that don’t include excessive fat or sugar content. This was not always so.

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When one considers the holistic approach to wellness and healing, they are simply stating that they are taking into consideration the whole individual. It has long been believed that a person’s health is interconnected to their entire being. For example, a holistic approach to medicine would include “taking into account [one’s] mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of the disease.”

Alternative Methods of Healing and Living

In order to be a participant in holistic living, one needs to approach life with the use of alternative methods for healing as well as everyday living.

  • Exercise

Almost every discipline of holistic healthcare encourages you to exercise on a regular basis. These means you need to find ways to motivate yourself by creating a daily regimen of mobility in order to increase your physical fitness.

By incorporating your daily activities into your fitness program, you can begin to utilize even the mundane daily drudge of general housework and care of your personal needs into your schedule. Therefore, the exercise of walking is a good place to start. If you are a gardener, all the better.

You already have a good start on exercising since you are continually bending and moving about your garden or patio. This is what is called utilizing adaptive opportunities.

Movement and body work classes, taken either online or else applied through information found within a good instruction manual, would include disciplines such as yoga or tai chi. If you have movement issues, it is best to speak with your doctor about your personal limitations for such classes. However, both yoga and tai chi have programs that are adaptable to those with limited physical abilities. For example, you might want to find exercises entitled “gentle yoga” or else “chair yoga” to accommodate your particular restrictions.

  • Holistic Thinking and Creativity

Of course, holistic living is not just about eating or healthcare. One’s mental, emotional and spiritual health is always at the forefront of this approach to life. Therefore, it is important that one finds a way to express themselves creatively. This can take many forms. From creative crafts to visiting an art museum to listening to concerts or simply reading, the opportunities to exercise one’s mental and spiritual boundaries are endless.

“The greatest wealth is health.” Virgil

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