Years and years of occupying a home with a garage can be a real chore to move if, like most people, you allow your garage to double as a storage area. Needless to say, most garages are also laundry areas and ‘tool sheds,’ not to mention a food pantry.

After you decided to keep that old boat, you stuffed it into your garage, eventually allowing it to become a double decker storage unit in its own right. Once you did that, the ceilings and/or rafters, of necessity, became additional storage areas for bikes, surfboards and anything else you could suspend up there. Then there is the extra refrigerator and your chest freezer that needs to be addressed when clearing out your garage for a move.

This immediately sounds like there will be some serious downsizing in order. Downsizing a garage can be the scourge of the move, but don’t fret. This blog is intended to get you organized enough to pull this off.


At this point you should give some serious thought to renting a storage unite (at least for a month) in order to have some place to put the big items or even the boxed items. This will free up some space within the garage itself so you can begin to move about more freely while completing your task. You can either get an offsite storage unit that is close by or rent a portable storage unit, if you have the yard space. Of course, you should rent a large dumpster for a few days during the initial purge of the ‘space gobblers’ and dust bunnies. (BTW: garage dust bunnies are HUGE).

Okay, so let’s get some priorities set.

First, get plenty of food, water and healthy drinks for this feat! Also obtain a fair number of moving boxes of various sizes and strengths (garage items can sometimes be heavy, especially tools). Don’t forget to get packing tape and I have found that a big box of large Ziploc bags can go a long way when packing garage items. Having some shop brushes and clean rags available for dusting off items and shelving is also a good idea.

Next, hopefully you have solicited several helpers for this Cleaning Fest. Give them the old one, two about safety and their personal health. Provide them with masks, hand sanitizers, and an accessible bathroom stocked with toilet tissue, hand sanitizing soap and paper towels.

Third, assign tasks for each assistant from your well-planned notes. Don’t forget to take inventory of your belongings and keep the list with your moving papers in a folder.


Throughout the time you are packing your garage items, have a box for things you want to keep. Also, several large garbage cans situated at the front of the garage is good for collecting those smaller items you intend to toss. After it gets full, ask one of the stronger helpers to hoist it over into the dumpster (which should be placed directly in front of the garage if at all possible). Be brutal with yourself, if need be, about the things you should or should not keep. Remember, you will be paying for this move by weight and any extra baggage you get rid of will save you not only space, but money as well. You many even find that you can make a few bucks off some of those things that have merely been collecting dust in the corner of your garage.

Happy Packing.

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