Summer is for Moving

The heat of summer is fast approaching, This season has it’s own particular challenges when one is relocating. Interiors for Seniors has been in the relocation business for over 10 years, so that is ten summers of moves. Here are some pieces of advice to help if you are planning a move during the hot months.

Summer is often one of the busiest times of the year to move. Holidays are sparse and available apartments seem to be ever plentiful. In Florida however, summer time presents it’s own challenges as it is our rainy time. This time zone often gets downpours regularly at 3-4pm, right when moving is at it’s peak. Getting an early start to the day is one way to avoid this. Another option is to choose a two day move with one day for packing and the second day for unpacking.

Wearing the right clothes can make the move much more bearable. Light fabrics, tank tops, shorts and comfortable shoes are the best items to put on the day of the move. Make sure there is plenty of water on hand. Staying hydrated is very important.

Make sure the electricity is turned on at the new house for the day of the move. It’s very uncomfortable to move into a new home and it be sweltering hot. Turn the air conditioner on a few hours before the move so the new home is cooled down.

Have cold towels available. Fill a portable small cooler with ice and about a cup of water. Place several washcloths or hand towels in the cooler. You will be ready to instantly cool off when you wipe your brow or neck with this prepped blessing.

If you find yourself getting cranky or overwhelmed, take a quick trip to the market, a stroll around the block or call a close friend or relative. These few minutes of time used to clear your mind will refresh you and allow the process to continue.

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