Staying connected with others is as important as eating and sleeping. Social connections are good for us physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only so, but those with a healthy social network have a better quality of life.


There are many ways to stay connected in our time. Below are a few ways that may be of interest to you.

Online Connections

Online connections can vary. Whether they be with family, friends or even online communities (which is more and more common in this day). Online connections are especially helpful if you find yourself isolated from your loved ones due to the Pandemic. Here are several ways to connect online:

  • Online Book Clubs

There are numerous online book clubs for you to join. I found several websites that outline authentic and nationally recognized book clubs for you to join from the comfort of your home.

Oprah’s Book Club – []

Goodreads is a great place to start if you are interested in hooking up with others who enjoy the same reading materials you do. The Goodreads app is available for mobile phones as well as your laptop. You can also go directly to the website without an app: []

  • Online Discussion Groups

Within Goodreads you can choose from any genre you are interested in. There you will find many groups to choose from that are also discussion groups. This is an exciting way for you to reach out and communicate with others who share your same interest.

Are you a history buff? Well, then you may enjoy The History Book Club [] or is Science Fiction your thing? Try this link []

  • Online Knitting Groups

Maybe you aren’t a reader. Perhaps you enjoy knitting. Well, have no fear. There are online groups for knitters as well. Try this weblink to begin with []

There you can also find links to free patterns as well as free knitting magazines.

Play Games Online

  • Online Community Games

Words with Friends (app) is a version of scrabble played with others online. It is very interesting and competitive and a good way to increase your vocabulary as well as your friends.

Yahtzee with Buddies is another multiplayer game.

Many video games are available that have the option to join a community. Little Big Planet is a great game for this. Also, many of your standard card games are free online and available for multi-players. Games such as canasta, gin rummy, hearts, spades and even Texas Hold ‘Em.

Virtual Visits

Do not rule out the fun and enjoyment of all the video chat apps available for you to connect with friends and family over the internet. Skype, Zoom, Duo, Discord and Facebook

Messenger are a few programs you can use. All of the aforementioned programs are available your computer and your mobile device.

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