Today we are going to address your complaints. It’s okay for you to complain. In fact, it’s downright healthy. However, some of us have made a pastime of complaining and just like everything else in life, we should learn to curb or else be aware of the parameters of healthy expression.

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Complaining can also be looked at as venting. It is a vehicle whereby one expresses their position or else lets someone else become aware of their internal conflicts. Knowing this, try to realize it’s not healthy to just fly off at someone, or even something, that rubs you wrong. Rather, try this method that many have found useful. The chosen method: A Complaint Jar.


Don’t think that you are going to get away with complaining for free. You should charge for each complaint entered into the jar then decide on the worth of your complaints. Should you charge a quarter, a dollar bill or larger for certain complaints?

Some choose ways to spend the collected money, perhaps using it for an outing for coffee, purchasing a new book or a contribution to supplies for a hobby collection. Another challenge is to give the proceeds to a foundation of your choosing.


There are some rather ingenious examples of complaint jar labeling. One I saw had a label that stated: “COMPLAINT JARAll Complaints Must Be Written on Bills $1.00 or Larger.” Now this may not be the route you wish to take for your label. But it certainly puts a price on your complaints.

Generally, I would suggest using a quart-sized Mason jar, However, realizing that it’s 2020 and its corresponding track record – well – If you must – go ahead and invest in a half-gallon or even a gallon size jar. (LOL).


If you have a household with more than one person, it can be a good idea to chose a pad of paper with several different colors, one color for each person. This way, when it comes time to review your complaints, one can be readily aware of who complainer is. Other approaches have the complaint jar as a means of competition. If another person catches you complaining (and you are not aware of your complaining self) then they can use your color and enter the date and time of your complaint.

Earlier, I said it is healthy to complain. Now, I want to say there are various degrees of necessity for complaining. A true bona fide complaint certainly does need to addressed. Then there are what is referred to as “quibble.” Quibbles, as it turns out, are objections or criticisms about trivial matters.

An Additional Tip About Complaint Jars

After you find out you pattern of complaining, you may be able to then switch up your jar’s use to a Gratitude and Appreciation Jar. Wouldn’t that be great!

“So often in life things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great good fortune.”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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