Spotlighting Special Seniors

Every move Interiors for Seniors makes, we come across special seniors. So many have lead thrilling, exciting and impactful lives. Their stories are inspiring and poignant. As a new feature on our website, we will be Spotlight Special Seniors. Our customer packets will include a request for YOUR stories. Please share your memories and inspiration so that we can grow and learn.


Special seniors we have come across are nurses, teachers, doctors, missionaries...the list is too numerous to name. Smiles and hugs are always exchanged as we listen to the recount of tales gone by. Escapes from harrowing prison camps and oppressive conditions are also very encouraging regarding the human condition.

Please share with us as we go on this journey and adventure through the past.

"Your memory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today is because of your amazing memory. You are a data collecting being, and your memory is where your life is lived." Kevin Horsley, Unlimited Memory

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