Spotify to Help Make Moving More Relaxing

Updated: May 3, 2019

Music is an effective tool to use when you need to de-stress. Moving is one of the most stressful times, especially after a prolonged time in your current residence. Withe the digital age and cell phones, there are several music services that are easy to use and very convenient when all of your music equipment is packed up. One of the more popular services, that is usually available on your current electronic devices, is Spotify. To me, Spotify is right up there with ice packs and strategically placed pillows, when it comes to comfort. Reports indicate music reduces stress, and pain in seniors. From Bach to Brubeck; Elvis to Dolly, your favorite Broadway musical numbers or Marvin Gaye, you can find your personal interest at your fingertips on Spotify. At any given time, you can revisit your old favorites or even explore music you simply didn’t have the money to buy when you were teenager.

No more hours spent at the records store endlessly searching for that one album (although I admit, that is an activity I still enjoy). Rather, with Spotify you can access your tunes without having to dig through a stack of old records, cassette tapes (do you still have any of those??) or CDs.

As a music streaming service since 2008, the Spotify services “allow subscribers to search and discover music collections of friends, artists, and celebrities; build a personal collection playlist; and share music on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and via email with friends”.

No need to panic if you are thinking navigating through Spotify is like taking the maiden voyage to Mars. Trust me, it isn’t. There are plenty of people who have gone this way before you. Just ask one of your children or grandchildren to show you how to get around in Spotify. I am certain they are very much aware of how Spotify works and most likely have the service themselves. Also there are plenty of informational videos on Youtube to assistant you in learning how to navigate the app. Here’s one to get you started: How to Use Spotify

The Spotify apps are available for both phones and computers. If your computer does not support apps, you can go to the Spotify website and use the free Spotify web player. Grab a set of earphones to plug in if you like or if you have a Chromecast, you can cast it onto your TV just like you do Netflix or Hulu.

There is a free version of Spotify that gives you many choices of music, but in order to enjoy the full service listed above, there is a monthly fee of $14.95. If you are a music enthusiast like me, the full service is very much worth the fee.

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