In today’s world, it’s all about downsizing. Best Life Online gives these statistics: “From

2015 to 2018, the average newly-built single-family home in the United States decreased in size by approximately 79 square feet, while the size of an average studio apartment decreasing by 18 percent over the past decade.” When you move to a smaller space, it is possible to make it feel much larger than it is. It’s all in the illusion.

plants on a desk with a light

Here are a few interior design hacks that can open up your small space and give the

appearance of openness.

Proportion and Furniture type

Proportion is defined as percentage considered in comparison to the whole. When you

consider the type of furniture to use in a small space, it is better to ditch the heavy antique look and go for the more contemporary and small-scale designs. Remember that furniture with legs will often give an appearance of openness. Think Ikea or Scan Design.


Much has been written on the psychology of color. Color has been defined as the way our

eyes and brain perceive different wavelengths of light reflected off objects. In order to make a

small space look larger, ditch the darker colors which absorb light and go for lighter colors. Go one step further and use reflective colors such as off-white or soft blues or greens. Lavender is also a good choice.


Mirrors definitely add the illusion of added space and therefore openness. If you select a

focal point then direct your mirror towards it, it will give an illusion of depth.

Hidden Storage Space and Shelves

Shelves hung close to the ceiling will draw the eye up and therefore give the room a

larger feel. Also, by using hidden storage space instead of multiple baskets or boxes, you can

avoid the cluttered look and can therefore add to your space.

Lighting and Window Treatments

Use the incoming light to make a room look spacious and airy. Leaving curtains off your

windows and adding only blinds will definitely give you the appearance of added space. Instead of hanging heavy drapes on your curtain rod, try finding some great chimes and sun catchers to brighten your window’s appearance.

Also LED strip-lights with provided remote control that allows you to change colors with

your mood are a good idea for lighting. Hang these across the wall right next to the ceiling to

open up any space. They need no nails or tacks and are easy to attach to the wall with the

adhesive on the back.

Lamps are also a great way to open up a space. Use a floor lamp or recessed wall lamp in

the corner or the room. Or you can use long pendant-type lamps hung strategically to bring

height to your area.

If you do feel the need for drapery, try using the lightweight and sheer types. Choose

treatments such as those made from a gauze material which can add a feel of breeziness to your room.

Floor Covering

When considering what to do with your floor space in a room, try to avoid patterns and

busy designs. As stated above under color, go for the more light and airy look. Blues, teal and

earth-tones are a great choice for your floors.


Bright tapestries when hung on a wall will add depth to a room as do shadow boxes. Or

try a nice sculpture strategically placed in a corner to pull your eye towards the corner and give the illusion of depth.

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