Sorting Through Your Kitchen Pantry for a Move

The kitchen is usually one of the last rooms in your home to be packed. Still, it needs attention long before the day you plan to pack. In this blog, we will address the food pantry.

Pantry items are essentially canned goods (vegetables, fruits, soups, etc), baking goods (flour, sugar, salt, etc.) and herbs and spices. Cereals, grains, snacks and chips are also times included in the pantry food category.

When downsizing, it’s time to choose your favorite of everything you own.


Also, when downsizing, you will need to take note of the amount of cabinet space you have to accommodate both your non-perishable food items and your dishes and pots and pans.

You really don’t need three sets of dinnerware, so when downsizing for you move, you should choose which dish pattern to take and which to eliminate so that you will have enough space for your food and your dinnerware.

In the instance of kitchen pantry space, you will need to consider several types of items. Which are your favorite spices and the most common pantry space eater of all:


Many of your mugs may have a significant meaning for you. These would be the ones to keep. Only be sure to give yourself a limit before choosing.

Finally, here’s what TO DO with the pantry items you decide to keep:

• Put unopened bags of dry ingredients into boxes or plastic storage barrels. • Pack loose, opened ingredients into reusable kitchen storage containers. • Tape shut any spices, such as salt containers, that may open if tilted. • Place spice bottles in boxes with canned goods. This uses empty space without adding too much weight.


Bring only food items that will remain edible and stay inside their containers during the trek to your new residence. In most cases, non-perishable and unopened items will fit these criteria.


Once you have moved, it is a good idea to stay organized. Now that you have less stuff, it should be easier for you find things.

[Check out our blog “Perishable Items and Your Move” for information on how to prepare your refrigerator/freezer items for a move].

Interiors for Seniors helps pack and transport all kitchen items. At the end of the move we pack up your refrigerator and freezer items in freezer coolers and move them to your new location. Of course, we place all items back in the freezer/refrigerator ASAP when we get to your new location.

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