When living alone, it can sometimes be easy to simply blow off what needs to be done. The basic reasoning here is “who care, no one is here to know.” While this may at times be acceptable, it is important that one has an established daily task list in order to maintain a sense of balance and order in one’s life.

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A Word About Laziness

Blowing off your chores for a day or even two days is not an issue. We all need a break. But if you find your chores continually mounting up on you, deadlines overlooked and basic needs being ignored then you may have a lazy streak. People with a lazy streak have a tendency to dismiss the important issues by simply creating a mental illusion within themselves that they will have plenty of time to complete a task or that it just doesn’t matter.

There are ways to be productive, even if you have a lazy streak. By streamlining your daily tasks one can use their time more efficiently and save more time to just sit around and be lazy, if that is your goal (lol) and if not, you have more “me time.”


Organization is the name of the game when it comes to efficiency and productivity. Create a workspace for your household paperwork and/or at-home office space. There, you can begin to make a to-do list of the daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, etc.

Suggested Daily Tasks for Your List

A list of daily tasks to complete is simple. You know you need a clean kitchen, a clean bath area and to have your bed straightened (if not made), so put these on your list. If you have a pet, their needs will need to be met on a daily basis. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you can put the three meals for you day on your daily task list. It’s important that you don’t neglect providing your body with good nutrition on a daily basis.

Create a contact schedule so that you have a person or two to reach out to at least twice a week (more works better, but twice a week is a good start).

Work your hobby time into your daily task list.

Start a list of favorite movies you want to watch and include it in under the “recreation for the day” portion of your daily list. Perhaps, you can take a walk for 15 minutes each morning or work in your garden. If you are unable to take a walk (weather not permitting or other issues), then include a short exercise time each day. Your body will thank you.

Spend time reading and learning. An active mind will make your day more interesting.


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