Most of us have a smartphone today. The smartphone is a great tool for many things. Using your smartphone to make your move easier is no exception. To start, most of us have our phones with us as a constant companion. So, throughout your move why not think of your smartphone as a virtual assistant; a secretary of sorts. From navigation to neighborhood demographics to finding local restaurants to eat at throughout your move, using a smartphone just makes good sense.



If you are in the early stages of your move, you may have already experienced the usefulness of your phone by searching for new locations and comparing their prices and amenities. By taking your search a few steps further, you can also locate the surrounding businesses, churches and schools in a particular location of interest. Don’t forget the fact that it is also possible to map the locations of your search using the GPS within the smartphone. This is your smartphone at work for you, right from the comfort of your easy chair.


There are many apps you can download for free that will assist you in planning and organizing your move.

  • MoveAdvisor –app has moving checklists and organization tools within its program, including sections on home inventory, moving timeline and helps to calculate the cost of your move. There is even a section that allows you to virtually pre-arrange your rooms by allowing you to drag and drop furniture items from your personal furniture inventory. You can find this app in Google Play Store or else from the Apple app store. Follow this link for more information on the MoveAdvisor app:

  • SORTLY is another helpful moving app. The app’s intended use is to inventory one’s belongings. This is an app that even businesses use. However, it is free for a single user. Follow this link for more information on the Sortly app:


  • NOTES: Most smartphones have a place for you to store notes already built into the phone. This is a helpful way to keep information related to your move in one place. This way you won’t be searching through little pieces of paper or notecards. Rather you can have your notes at your fingertips.

  • GPS – Smartphones have a Global Positioning System (GPS) built within them. Be sure to allow your phone access to your GPS system so that you can use it for mapping your search for a new location as well as for finding all the local services in a particular area.

  • CONTACTS – This built-in smartphone app is priceless for storing all the contact information you need for both personal and business, including addresses and phone numbers.

  • CALENDARS AND TIME CLOCK ALARMS – Calendars and time-alarm systems are both built within smartphones. These apps are helpful for scheduling reminders for your move and also for keeping up with personal timing needs such as taking your medications. You certainly will need a remainder for that with all the hustle and bustle of a move.

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