Should I Tip My Movers and Packers?

It's moving day, the question of how much to tip movers and packers is bound to come up. A quick internet search will give you answers that vary from a flat percentage to a flat base amount to no tip at all. What’s the answer? It is never required to tip your movers and packers, but it’s always appreciated. For crew members that were attentive, helpful and careful……a tip is a nice way to thank them for a job well done.

Most clients choose a flat fee rather than a percentage when tipping. It’s standard for the members of the crew to receive $25-$40 per mover or packer. For more complex moves, tip $50-$60 per mover/packer.

Things to consider when tipping:

  1. The size of the move

  2. Were there stairs or an elevator

  3. The number of over-sized pieces such as couches and armoires

  4. The intricacies of furniture pieces or computer equipment to be re-assembled

  5. Are there a number of delicate collectibles such as Swarovski Crystal that needs to be carefully packed and unpacked

  6. Was there attention given to detail when unpacking the house?

  7. How long does the move take? Interiors for Seniors usually does a two day move. The first day is packing and loading, the second day is unpacking and unloading.

If you received great service but are unable leave a tip, a great option is to give your movers/packers a good/positive review and refer them to your friends and family. Interiors for Seniors always leaves a comment card and we so very much enjoy receiving these back in the mail. We also have a Facebook and Twitter page that you can leave reviews on.

Moving companies do not include gratuity automatically in their pricing. Tipping is always a good expression of your appreciation. Typically, a person tips movers/packers between 15–20% of the total cost of the move. This lump sum is then split among the movers/packers on the crew. Interiors for Seniors strives to give the you best move experience possible. Our clients are number one!!

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